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When I think about my 25’s the only thing that bears to my mind, it’s the M.A.S.H game. I used to play a similar version when I was a little girl, but we used to put in the middle of the page the age that we wanted to get married or have all this stuff, so guess what? Yes, I used to put 25. And guess what else? I don’t have any of this things, but I love who I am and what I do now. A lot of things have changed, I don’t want any of that. Well, maybe just the “Camaro SS 69’” or “the house in Malibu”. Regardless, “Life” gave me the best gift ever, “learning”. I’ve been learning about being free and being stoic, to not be attacted to anything or anyone, things change (prepare to change, life is not a linear path). Be and let be, again no attachment, appreciate what you have and those who stayed because they wanted to, not because they had to. Free love, it’s better, honest, and real, because there are no obligations, it came from them sincerely.
Not “own anything” gives me the sense to be able to leave whenever I want without so many complications or explanations. It also makes me appreciate more the things that I have, and to let go easier. That’s why I’m going to quote Yoda “prepare yourself to lose everything you love”. It might sound like a pretty sad sentence but believe me, that’s how you learn to be free. “Gratefulness”, is not a religious thing, be grateful with, “Buddha” “Aliens”, “universe”, “life”, “yourself” with whatever you want to, but be grateful (I’m alive). Even though I was walking through Barcelona streets con my own, I was doing what I love, travelling, exploring, and adventuring a little bit, I know my friends and family are with me even in the distance.
Thanks for the adventure, love, and knowledge. Live lightly and not to seriously (it won’t matter if you die tomorrow) be happy, don’t try to control everything. The best moments are those who live in our memories and those who are yet to come, not the ones that we try to immortalise #goingbackhome #happybirthday #goodvibes #positivevibes #traveller #grateful #barcelona #100daysofhappiness #day17
today i was asked if it took a lot of maintenance to be this pretty, keep in mind i wear no make up whatsoever. this person proceeded to tell me that i was extremely beautiful &’ it made a bad day sm better✨ #100DaysOfHappiness #Day23
Christmas shoebox complete for this year! I was given a boy #6yrs and a girl #10yrs, both children from local low decile schools, Almost wish you could be there to see the children’s faces when they open it. Hope they enjoy all the goodies 🎅🏻🤶🏻🎄 #christmas #christmasshoebox #kiwikids #shoeboxchristmas #100daysofhappiness #day76
probably my worst art project yet, but i finished my graffiti name today !! #100daysofhappiness #day2
Today I spent the day with my grandparents by the canals having a lovely autumn walk; days like this are really precious to me and I'm very grateful for it 🍂❤️ I often can find the winter months hard so I'm going to try and do #100daysofhappiness to focus on the little things that make life beautiful
Day 17: Been trying to train Quinn to be on a leash. She’s adorable, isn’t she? #100daysofhappiness
Day 23: Shots on a Monday?? Enjoyed a lovely cocktail with these lovely ladies tonight in a new bar in Horndean #100daysofhappiness #fourlondonroad