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User Image eee3506 Posted: Feb 17, 2018 9:41 PM (UTC)

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User Image ybn_molly Posted: Feb 17, 2018 9:19 PM (UTC)

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i know i already ranted about this like 50 times but im boutta do it again. FIRST OF ALL- nikolas cruz was not mentally ill. even if he was, does that give him an excuse to kill and hurt over 17 kids? no. thats an insult to mentally ill kids. having a shitty past does not justify anything that he did. saying he’s mentally ill is an insult to everyone who actually is or has those problems. SECOND OF ALL- dont you dare fucking say gun control has nothing to do with this. there was a deadly school shooting in the UK in 1996 and handguns were banned almost exactly after. there has been 1 mass shooting since. theres been like 18 fucking shootings this year and its only february. THIRD OF ALL- how the fuck are you going to blame the victims for this? this is in no way their fault. they tried to call 911 as much as they could. the teachers even told them to stop calling bc they were calling too much. if they want to go on social media and tell everyone they are thankful for them (which they shouldnt even have to if this situation never fucking happened) then they are allowed to go the fuck ahead and do that. the old generation just cant stand that we’re expanding and are doing things smarter and our own way. FOURTH OF ALL- prayers are not going to do shit. condolences are useless. we need some goddamn change. lets say you bought something worth over 500$ and someone broke it. “my condolences”, they said. how the hell would you feel? of course that situation isnt anywhere as bad as losing a family member, but think. FIFTH OF ALL- there have been more threats now than ever. its like its inspiring people to do more shit like this. this is not fucking okay. how do you think their family would feel? waiting to see if their child/children have made it out. the anxiety. losing your best friend because of some cuntbag who thought this was okay. i honestly dont even know what to say anymore. dont any of you dare fucking tell me im wrong because i will go off on you even more.

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