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ㅡ to my beloved jeon kairo.
yesterday was our seven months anniversary and i honestly can’t believe that we are so close to one year with eachother. it’s crazy that you’ve been handling me for that long because gosh, i can be a pain in the ass sometimes but but i appreciate every little thing you do for me because even if i would look ugly or anything, you would always see the positive in it and make me feel better about myself and im so grateful to have you and not someone else. you make me so happy so it’s almost unreal and i hope i can make you just as happy as well because i love seeing your beautiful smile and hearing your angelic laugh. thank you so much for these seven months, without you i wouldnt be able to change, i would still be the same pathetic cheater if you werent here to change my mind. you always give me your attention most of the time and you always do what i want whenever i ask something but you know that your opinions matter too and of course you can tell me that you dont want to do anything. anyway, soon we have three children, a new house, a new page in our life and im more than happy to be sharing my life with you and our beautiful babies. this turned out to be so sloppy and ugly and short but jdbfjs forgive me, i’ll write a longer one for our one year buut i love you incredibly much, to infinity and beyond. thank you for every little thing, my beautiful husband.
ㅡ all the love, your husband kenai.
(lord this took long)
tvn 드라마 이번생은 처음이라..
정소민이 작가로 나오면서 빨간 뿔테 안경을 썼습니다
요즘 드라마마다 작가가 많이 등장하는데 대부분 안경을 소품으로 사용중이네요
그만큼 안경은 작가에게 어울리는 아이템인가봅니다

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ccomo__ 11m ago
요즘 제일 핫한 제크자켓 🖤
데일리룩은 물론 하객룩 ,오피스룩모두👌
하나쯤은 가지고 있어야겟죠 😝
💌문의는 #dm
88jlee 13m ago
i know i’m spamming n shit but !
88jlee 22m ago
Lol this is probably my last post here Bc I def don't belong here lolz
"A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms."
#kpoprp #openrp #anyrp #rp #krp #asianrp
971220, 5’3, taken, rude.

wccps 54m ago
can someone buy me pho and a penguin plush, and go watch Pokemon with me. please and thank you
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