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User Image starsgguk Posted: Feb 25, 2018 10:04 AM (UTC)

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:: [swipe for study tips, I sound so lame]☁️彡
180225 || 09:55.
it’s been a whole week since i posted here:(( i swear half my mutuals here are gonna kill me especially ales for not posting for so long lmfao
i’ve been studying a lot this week and I thought I might wanna share what I do or some advice? procrastinate is a big problem for a lot of people including me and I hope these help any of you since I know exam season is coming up in a couple months and I don’t want you guys cramming:(( ++ im also currently writing one on how to look after yourself and I’ll post that separately soon! feel free to save this if it helps you! ily all sm, I really want you all to do the best you can in finals or any upcoming exams!!! I believe in you all ++ thank you for 600!♡