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User Image eavan_eats Posted: Dec 12, 2017 5:02 PM (UTC)

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Day107 in blw
🍴 Breakfast (09:15): McDonald - scrambled eggs & pancake
🍴 早餐: 麥當勞 - 炒蛋 & 熱香餅
- hubby can late to work this morning, and bring us to McDonald have a breakfast. We know that McDonald `s food are rubbish, but we still need that evil sometimes when we cannot find a seat in other restaurant.
🍴 Lunch (12:45): yesterday `s stew potato and pork, stir fried rice
🍴 午餐: 昨晚的薯仔燉肉,炒飯
- still have some food yesterday, don't wanna waste, so cook it as lunch.
pic 1
🍴 Dinner (19:00): baked cheese and curry chicken breast, kale, stir fried apple with cinnamon & rice with sweet potato and dry japanese sardines
🍴 晚餐: 焗芝士咖啡雞柳,芥蘭,炒玉桂蘋果 & 蕃薯銀魚乾炊飯
- Eavan loves apple with cinnamon very much, she asked me to refill 3 times.
- after finished the apple, she then try the chicken, i first time cook this for her, i quite like to see her accept the new dishes
- how can solve Eavan doesn't like greens problem?
vedio 1
📝 baked cheese and curry chicken breast
- 1st time to try this receipt, and it's quite yummy. Actually you can use whatever meat or veggies you want, i choice chicken this time.
- you can add some salt if you want.
✳ chicken breast (or whatever you want)
✳ curry powder
✳ cheese (i used parmesancheese)
✳ peppers
✳ paprika powder
✳ oil (i used olive oil)
How: ▶ mix chicken, peppers and paprika
▶ heat the pan, add some oil on pan, then cook the chicken until it turned to golden colour
▶ add curry powder and stir it well ( you can add a little bit of water to let it evenly)
▶ left out of fire, add some cheese, then use around 180°C to bake for around 10-15mins.

#eavan #9m #blw #blwbaby #babyledweaning #babydairy #babydiet #ezpzhk #ezpzfun #myezpzmat #selffeeding #意粉妹 #自己食系列 #離乳食 #育兒日記 #育兒好食實驗室
User Image eavan_eats Posted: Dec 11, 2017 4:01 PM (UTC)

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Day106 in blw
🍴 Breakfast (09:00): out going - scrambled eggs with corn and salmon, waffle, tomato, sausage & lemon water
🍴 早餐: 外食 - 粟米三文魚炒蛋,窩夫,蕃茄,香腸 & 檸檬水
- this morning, Eavan needed to baby health care centre for body check, so lazy parents decided to out for breakfast. 🐥
🍴 Lunch (13:00): hainanese chicken and turmeric rice, stir fried cabbage & apple
🍴 午餐: 海南雞飯,炒椰菜 & 蘋果
- after the body check, it's already been noon, too rush to make a lunch, but too many people out for lunch, so we took away from thai restaurant.
- when i showed Eavan an apple, she was so excited, and finished half at final.
🍴 Dinner (18:45): stew potato and pork & steam rice with sweet potato
🍴 晚餐: 薯仔燉肉 & 蕃薯飯
- Eavan did cry crazily when we were having dinner after 10mins, she was so tired to finish the meal.

#eavan #9m #blw #blwbaby #babyledweaning #babydairy #babydiet #ezpzhk #ezpzfun #myezpzmat #selffeeding #9monthsblw #意粉妹 #自己食系列 #離乳食 #育兒日記 #育兒好食實驗室
User Image eavan_eats Posted: Dec 10, 2017 1:54 PM (UTC)

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Day105 in blw
🍴 Breakfast (09:00): sleeping
🍴 早餐: 睡覺
- sleepy girl missed her breakfast🙈
🍴 Lunch (13:30): steam egg with cauliflower & pasta with carrot and beef soup
🍴 午餐: 椰菜花蒸蛋 & 清燉牛肉湯煮通心粉
- maybe the texture not quite good, Eavan didn't like the steam egg.
- she really is a pasta fans, asked for extra pasta
🍴 Dinner (19:00): steam pot - carrot dumplings, bell peppers, shrimp, squid, corn & banana dates bread
🍴 晚餐: 蒸邊爐 - 紅蘿蔔餃,燈籠椒,蝦,魷魚,粟米 & 香蕉紅棗糕
- a nice dinner, she did try every food tonight, not directly drop off those peppers, good.

#eavan #9m #9monthsblw #blwbaby #babydairy #babydiet #ezpzhk #ezpzfun #myezpzmat #selffeeding #意粉妹 #自己食系列 #離乳食 #育兒日記 #育兒好食實驗室
User Image eavan_eats Posted: Dec 10, 2017 12:31 AM (UTC)

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🎊Happy 9m Birthday!🎊
Day104 in blw
🍴 Breakfast (08:30): raspberries and orange soft bread, egg tofu & porridge with coconut flakes
🍴 早餐: 香橙紅莓包,玉子豆腐 & 麥皮(+椰絲)
- first time to make egg tofu, Eavan loves it very much.
- don't know why she refused to use spoon recently (🎥the 1st vedio)
🍴 Lunch/tea (15:00): steam cake, veggies, rice rolls & sweet pear and osmanthus tea
🍴 午餐: 蒸糕,雜菜豆,豬腸粉 & 雪梨桂花茶
- Eavan was so sleepy, maybe due to the medicine affects, she woke up at 3pm, mama then immediately served her the late lunch.
- first time to make sweet pear tea to Eavan, her throat seems a bit better after drinking that tea.
🍴 Tea (16:00): cheese burger & lemon water
🍴 下午茶: 芝士漢堡 & 檸檬水
- Eavan`s grandaunt lynn came for tea, we were out for tea, Eavan kept asking grandaunt to give her some cheese, bun, corns & lemon water. (🎥2nd vedio)
🍴 Dinner (19:30): sleeping 🍴 晚餐: 睡覺
- maybe too tired, Eavan didn't want to have dinner
📝 egg tofu, very easy to make, i can find the chinese version from internet only, to share that easy yummy receipt, here you are my english version.
Egg tofu receipt:
Egg - 3, big size
Soy milk - 500mL
Mix all together, filter, then steam 12mins
📝 sweet pear and osmanthus tea, a simply hong Kong drink in autumn and winter, as it's good to release throat pain from dry weather
Dry sweet pear - 10 slices (or use the fresh one, 2 whole pear but remove seeds, cut slice)
Osmanthus flower - 2 tea spoon (you can add some more if you love that fragrance smell)
Mondo grass - 40g
Water - 1.5L
Boil all ingredients for 20mins

#eavan #9m #9monthsblw #blw #blwbaby #babyledweaning #babydairy #babydiet #ezpzhk #ezpzfun #myezpzmat #selffeeding #意粉妹 #自己食系列 #離乳食 #育兒日記 #育兒好食實驗室
User Image eavan_eats Posted: Dec 9, 2017 2:21 PM (UTC)

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Day103 in blw
🍴 Breakfast (08:30): raspberries and orange soft bread, scrambled eggs & porridge
🍴早餐: 香橙紅莓包,炒蛋 & 麥皮
- Eavan seems quite hungry, she even finished my porridge, but directly dropped off the eggs on floor😩
🍴Lunch (13:45): fried cabbage dumplings & biscuits
🍴午餐: 煎椰菜餃子 & 餅乾
- mama wanna ate taiwanese dumplings, so decided to out for lunch, but sadly that restaurant was too full, so I took away home. Gave her 2 at first and finished 4 at final.
🍴Dinner (19:30): roasted hake with onions and king oyster mushrooms, choy sum & steam rice with sweet potato and dry japanese sardines
🍴晚餐: 洋蔥雞腿菇焗無鬚鱈魚,菜芯 & 蕃薯銀魚仔炊飯
- Eavan didn't want to eat at first, but when hubby home, she immediately change her mood and finished her meal. *should i jealous my hubby?? #eavan #8m #8monthsblw #blw #blwbaby #babyledweaning #babydairy #babydiet #ezpzhk #ezpzfun #myezpzmat #selffeeding #意粉妹 #自己食系列 #離乳食 #育兒日記 #育兒好食實驗室
User Image eavan_eats Posted: Dec 7, 2017 1:51 PM (UTC)

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Day101 in blw
🍳 Breakfast (09:00): porridge with coconut flakes, boiled egg & pomegranates
🍳 早餐: 椰絲麥皮,烚蛋 & 石榴
- Eavan loves porridge this period, she even ate my porridge this morning, but didn't touch the egg.
🍚 Lunch (13:00): shrimp fried rice & pork dumplings
🍚 午餐: 蝦仁炒飯 & 小籠包
- friend from holland came and visit us, we were out for lunch in shanghai restaurant, Eavan ate a whole bowl of rice
😴 Dinner: sleeping
- my cousin came and play this afternoon, Eavan didn't take a nap. When her auntie left, she immediately shut her power off.
- i made roasted chicken drumsticks and sweet potato with coconut milk, piraka and turmeric powder, don't know how to name it, but quite delicious.

#eavan #8m #8monthsblw #blw #blwbaby #babyledweaning #babydairy #babydiet #ezpzhk #ezpzfun #myezpzmat #selffeeding #意粉妹 #自己食系列 #離乳食 #育兒日記 #育兒好食實驗室
User Image eavan_eats Posted: Dec 6, 2017 3:59 PM (UTC)

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Day100 in blw
🍞 Breakfast (10:00): toast with butter
🍞 早餐: 牛油多士
🍝 Lunch (13:30): farfalle with cheddar cheese & red guava
🍝 午餐: 芝士醬蝴蝶粉 & 紅心蕃石榴
🍙 Dinner (20:30): stew taro and ribs with coconut milk, roasted spaghetti squash, steam ground beef and veggies rice & pomegranates
🍙 晚餐: 椰汁芋頭排骨煲,焗魚翅瓜,雜菜牛肉飯 & 紅石榴

- mama still not yet recovered (what a good excuse), just gave her daughter 2 pieces of toast as breakfast.
- first time to eat guava, mama chose the red one, a bit softer and more sweet, and great that Eavan loves it.
- a very late dinner as our queen Eavan woke up late (hubby was home when Eavan awake), so we can join together and have dinner.
- Eavan seems not like the texture of taro, she kept squeezing it but to have a bite (how disgusting).
- Eavan`s first pomegranates, she really enjoy it, kept singing songs while eating.
- she didn't want rice balls, and wanted to use spoon to eat rice tonight, good start.

#eavan #8m #8monthsblw #blw #blwbaby #babyledweaning #babydairy #babydiet #ezpzhk #ezpzfun #myezpzmat #selffeeding #意粉妹 #自己食系列 #離乳食 #育兒日記 #育兒好食實驗室
User Image eavan_eats Posted: Dec 5, 2017 3:02 PM (UTC)

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Day99 in blw
🍳 Breakfast (09:00): tomato scrambled egg, pancake & green grapes
🍳 早餐: 蕃茄炒蛋,班戟 & 青葡萄
🍴 Lunch (12:30): yesterday `s dumplings, seaweed & icepop (mama milk)
🍴午餐: 昨天的餃子,紫菜 & 雪條 (母乳)
🍙 Dinner (19:30): steamed anchovy fish, crown daisy & rice with ground and veggies
🍙 晚餐: 蒸鱭魚,筒篙 & 雜菜牛肉飯
- outside breakfast, I shared my breakfast with Eavan, and she finished over half of the set, wow... suddenly ate that lot.
- is Eavan ate too much in the breakfast, she didn't want so much.
- to try to solve the teething problem, i made her a small icepop; but it made her coughing problem became serious.
- Eavan ate almost 2 anchovy fish tonight, hubby was so happy to preload the spoon, and his daughter kept eating… they seemed don't know how to stop... #eavan #8m #8monthsblw #blw #blwbaby #babyledweaning #babydairy #babydiet #ezpzhk #ezpzfun #myezpzmat #selffeeding #意粉妹 #自己食系列 #離乳食 #育兒日記 #育兒好食實驗室
User Image eavan_eats Posted: Dec 4, 2017 4:50 PM (UTC)

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Day98 in blw
🍴 Breakfast (09:30): biscuits, seaweeds & green grapes
🍴早餐: 餅乾,紫菜 & 青葡萄
🍳 Lunch (12:30): boiled egg & curry rice
🍳 午餐: 烚蛋 & 咖喱飯
🍜 Dinner (19:00): cheese and pork dumplings, black fungus, carrot and pork dumplings, udon & grapes
🍜 晚餐: 芝士豬肉餃,木耳紅蘿蔔豬肉餃,烏冬 & 青葡萄
- didn't expect Eavan would eat well today, so just gave her some biscuits and grapes, great that she was interesting to have a little bit, and also tried some seaweed.
- only gave boiled egg to Eavan at lunch, but she complained me, so I shared some of my curry rice (from thai restaurant) to her, i was so surprised she didn't feel hot but allergy.
- mama wished Eavan can eat a little bit more, so I made her favorite dumplings (actually mama`s favorite), hubby and I were so happy to see her finished 3 dumplings and 6 grapes.

#eavan #8m #8monthsblw #blw #babyledweaning #babydairy #babydiet #ezpzhk #ezpzfun #myezpzmat #selffeeding #意粉妹 #自己食系列 #離乳食 #育兒日記 #育兒好食實驗室
User Image eavan_eats Posted: Dec 4, 2017 4:16 PM (UTC)

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Day97 in blw
🍳 Breakfast (09:00): porridge with soy milk & scrambled eggs with corn and cheese
🍳 早餐: 豆腐煮麥皮 & 芝士粟米炒蛋
🍜 Dinner (19:00): taiwanese tomato beef soup with shanghai noodles
🍜 晚餐: 台式蕃茄牛肉麵
- Eavan quite not willing to have her meals, just few bites of each meals.
- Eavan bites me at night, she seems to have a teething problem.

#eavan #8m #8monthsblw #blw #blwbaby #babyledweaning #babydairy #babydiet #ezpzhk #ezpzfun #myezpzmat #selffeeding #意粉妹 #自己食系列 #離乳食 #育兒日記 #育兒好食實驗室
User Image eavan_eats Posted: Dec 4, 2017 4:02 PM (UTC)

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Day96 in blw
🍳 Breakfast (10:00): toast with butter, boiled egg, chicken fillet & common pear
🍳 早餐: 牛油多士,烚蛋,雞排 & 荷蘭啤梨
🍚 Lunch (14:00): baked pork chops with fried rice
🍚 午餐: 焗豬排飯
😷 - both Eavan and mama didn't feel well, we got fever and cough. Eavan refused to have dinner but mama milk.
- baked pork chops with fried rice is a common meal in fast food shop, and it's so easy to make. It's one of my favorite.

#eavan #8m #8monthsblw #blw #blwbaby #babyledweaning #babydairy #babydiet #ezpzhk #ezpzfun #myezpzmat #selffeeding #意粉妹 #自己食系列 #離乳食 #育兒日記 #育兒好食實驗室
User Image eavan_eats Posted: Dec 1, 2017 3:37 PM (UTC)

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Day95 in blw
🍳 Breakfast (09:00): porridge with soy milk, scrambled eggs, raspberries & strawberries
🍳 早餐: 豆漿煮麥皮,炒蛋,紅桑子 & 士多啤梨
🍝 Lunch (14:00): pasta with cauliflower and pork mince & common pear
🍝 午餐: 字母粉煮椰菜花及豬肉碎 & 荷蘭啤梨
🍝 Dinner (19:30): pasta with fish soup
🍝 晚餐: 魚湯字母粉
- Eavan quite not well these 2 days, so we went to doctor at noon, doctor said no fruit or cold stuff to eat until get well.

#eavan #8m #8monthsblw #blw #babyledweaning #babydairy #babydiet #ezpzhk #ezpzfun #myezpzmat #selffeeding #意粉妹 #自己食系列 #離乳食 #育兒日記 #育兒好食實驗室
User Image eavan_eats Posted: Nov 30, 2017 4:18 PM (UTC)

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Day 94 in blw
🍞 Breakfast (09:00): boiled egg, greek yogurt with apple pieces and cinnamon, bread with cashew butter
🍞早餐: 烚蛋,蘋果玉桂希臘乳酪 & 腰果醬麵包
🍴 Lunch (12:45): stir fried cauliflower and pork, rice rolls with seasame seeds, seasame and peanut butter sauce & common pear
🍴 午餐: 肉片炒椰菜花,豬腸粉 (加芝麻 & 花生芝麻醬) & 荷蘭啤梨
🐟 Dinner (19:10): stewed golden threadfin fish and tomato, stir fried chinese kale with ginger juice, lotus roots and dry octopus and pork soup, rice balls & tofu jelly
🐟 晚餐: 蕃茄煮紅衫魚,薑汁炒芥蘭,鱆魚蓮藕湯,飯波 & 豆腐花
- it`s a hot day, I tried to give Eavan yogurt in the morning, thought maybe no problem, sadly that her breathing problems showed again.
- at lunch, Eavan ignored those cauliflower and pork, but finished all rice rolls
- hubby cooked tonight, lazy mama felt so happy

#eavan #8m #8monthsblw #blw #babyledweaning #babydairy #babydiet #ezpzhk #ezpzfun #myezpzmat #selffeeding #意粉妹 #自己食系列 #離乳食 #育兒日記 #育兒好食實驗室
User Image eavan_eats Posted: Nov 29, 2017 5:12 PM (UTC)

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Day93 in blw
🍟 Breakfast (10:00): McDonald `s pancake, corn and common pear
🍟 早餐: 麥當勞班戟,粟米 & 荷蘭啤梨
🍜 Lunch(13:30): cauliflower, pork mince, veggies, sliver pin noodles & red persimmon
🍜 午餐: 椰菜花,豬肉碎,雜菜豆,銀針粉 & 林杮
🍞 Tea (17:00): french toast (use danish bread)
🍞 下午茶: 丹麥酥西多士
🍙 Dinner (20:00): roasted spaghetti squash, stir fried tofu, papaya and chicken soup, rice balls & blueberries
🍙 晚餐: 烤魚翅瓜,煎豆腐,木瓜雞湯,飯波 & 藍莓
- we went out breakfast with parents in law, and it delayed Eavan `s breakfast hour.
- a simply lunch, Eavan quite enjoyed her sliver pin noodles but pork mince.
- mama was so hungry at 4pm something, suddenly wanted some french toast, and only have danish bread at home, so tried to mix them together, and it was quite ok except the calories.
- an hour late to dinner, as hubby late from work. Maybe the tea break was so late and made Eavan still full, she didn't ate a lot.

#eavan #8m #8monthsblw #blw #blwbaby #babyledweaning #babydairy #babydiet #ezpzhk #ezpzfun #myezpzmat #selffeeding #意粉妹 #自己食系列 #離乳食 #育兒日記 #育兒好食實驗室
User Image eavan_eats Posted: Nov 28, 2017 4:34 PM (UTC)

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Day 92 in blw
🍳 Breakfast (09:00): ground beef and cheese omelette, danish toast with butter & banana
🍳 早餐: 芝士免治牛肉炒蛋,丹麥酥牛油多士 & 香蕉
🍱 Lunch (13:00): 5spice beef, meatballs, steamed rice with chinese cabbage & soy milk
🍱 午餐: 五香牛,獅子頭,菜飯 & 豆漿
🍝 Dinner (19:15): sweet potato, pumpkin and farfalle with soy milk sauce & red persimmon
🍝 晚餐: 蕃薯南瓜豆漿煮蝴蝶粉
- Is Eavan feel boring of eggs? She dropped all eggs on floor immediately when her meal show up. - lazy mama felt unwell at lunch, and ordered shanghai food, Eavan really no interested in that 5spice beef, but ate 2 meatballs and some rice.
- after lunch, Eavan was so excited to cheers me up, i thought. She kept using a plastic bag and play hide and seek, mama really felt happy, thanks sweetie.
- dinner was Eavan`s favorite, pasta.

#eavan #8m #8monthsblw #blw #blwbaby #babydiet #babydairy #selffeeding #ezpzhk #myezpzmat #ezpzfun #意粉妹 #自己食系列 #離乳食 #育兒日記 #育兒好食實驗室