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Midweek goodness. Just a couple of new vintage pieces uploaded to the site. #malickandgrace #EatYourCarats #GoGreek
• Antique 10k yellow gold #ΔΔΔ ring
• Vintage #ΑΔΠ Elizabeth Necklace
• Vintage #ΑΦ lavaliere bracelet • Vintage 10k #ΚΔ green onyx Elizabeth Necklace
• Antique 10k black onyx #ΦΜ Necklace • Vintage Sterling #ΔΓ ID bracelet
Our reaction to society telling us that we have to be runway ready in order to be beautiful....🙅🏻 Society is wrong. Laughing so hard that your vision blurs and your lungs burn is beautiful. Loving what comes your way with every fiber of your being is beautiful. Wearing makeup is beautiful. Wearing no makeup is beautiful. Hearing that voice in the back of your mind telling you, “You’re worthless, you’re ugly, you can’t do this, you can’t do that” and telling that voice to pipe the fuck down, is beautiful. Living the life you want while paying society’s opinions no mind, is beautiful.

Stop telling us that the only version of beauty is made up, photo-shopped, and posed because you’re wrong. Beauty is more than products and proportions.
#BareFacedAndBeautiful #TrilLoveWeek #ΔΔΔ
This is how excited we are to meet everyone at the Tri Delta Sub Mixer tonight! Come meet some of the sweetest and most fun loving girls I know. 💙💛 #gotridelta #baylortridelta #ΔΔΔ #throwback #formal
Thanks for putting up with me and my screaming, even when I pulled you back because I wasn't ready to walk past something 😂 #ΔΔΔ #hauntedhouse #dateparty
The way I look at her is he same way I look at chocolate, with complete love and adoration!! Glad you’re officially stuck as my child forever 👩‍👧💕#ΔΔΔ