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That moment when you lean back too far...
I molded and casted these football helmet dumplings for an ESPN promo shoot back in LA a couple years ago. Unfortunately, they were not used. You can check out the other stuff I did for that job at #samflixfolioespn #samflixfolio
Star Trek: Discovery just debuted, featuring the space suit I worked on! I worked heavily on the forearm, shin and hip pieces among other aspects of the suit. Check out my post from earlier this year with some BTS shots at #samflixfoliotrek #samflixfolio
No one knows who they were or what they were doing.
Worked on P2 last December! Can't wait to share what I did. #samflixfolio
My 93 year-old nannie telling stories about Lincoln, England. 📷 by @fionzone
This recent @cinema.magic post from the making of Interstellar (2014) featuring Matthew McConaughey and Christopher Nolan also features details of the spacesuit I got to work on for one of my first jobs in LA! #samflixfolio
The life sized Lightning McQueen I worked on is now on display at the Disney Store in Oxford Circus! #cars #cars3 #lightningmcqueen #samflixfolio
Reconstruction with original color based on historical pigments.
Here's another angle on one of the Spider-Man statues I worked on. Did some paint and sculpted new wristbands onto this pre-existing statue. #spiderman #samflixfolio #tbt
This is a cross-stitch I finished up when Fiona and I were still living in L.A., but never got around to posting. It's an ode to one of my favorite movies, which in and of itself is a weird, twisted ode to a disillusioned 80s punk Los Angeles. Would love to do more of these, but this level of detail takes forever to do. Hopefully I will get to do more of these in the near future. #repoman #crossstitch #samflixfolio
Safety pins on Malcolm McLaren's grave. Very fitting. RIP Malcolm
RIP Douglas and thanks for all the fish.