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Although I'm loving the coast, I miss Sydney! 😢
Thanks for visiting my hood Carlos!!!!! Friday's done right 👌
Can't believe I've never been here before!!! Look at the kangaroosss!!!! 😍📷 @cavnasser
This Red Balloon event was so much fun!! Lighting was 👌😂 shame I don't just wake up like this
Happiest of birthdays to this absolute 10!!!!! So glad NP has brought us together and glad we get to talk errrrydaaay and share our kickass experiences together. Have the best day like you deserve! Missing you. Here's some fun times we've had!!! Love ya girl #squidgoals
Can we catch up and run a muck again soon!!!!! This was such a fun night
Flash back to Rio Carnaval '13. Can't wait to be back! This was way too much fun hahaha
Happy birthday to my absolute world. My one and only. You've always been there no matter what but in these last few weeks after me moving back home, I've realised how much I missed seeing you every day and how good you really are to me. Thank you for welcoming me back with open arms (kind of hehe) love you lots and lots. Enjoy your special day! ❤🎉🎈🎁🌷
The Voice wrap party feat. Pablo and Darren!!!! I miss seeing you all every week! I miss the hair team, the makeup team, the style team and the contestants!!!! ❤❤❤❤
Even though I lost every game of finska I still had fun. It's not about winning right?
Such a good weekend with the faves. Thanks for having us Mr Nguyen
4km hike for some pretty sweet lookouts.
Road trips to visit the bestie in his new home. Went to the Kombi festival!!!! Love these two x
Haven't seen this gurl for over a year ago in Bondi when she went to Brazil!!! Then run into her in Newcastle! The world works in mysterious ways I tell ya 😉😂 @lozbeesley and @rogerolima get ready for Newcastle nights out OKAY!!!? 😱😘
Thirsty Thursday's! God what a night in 😂 pretty sure were all the crazy ones hehe love you girls x
For those who were wondering if I was wearing clothes, here you go!! 😂 filming something little for Napoleon Perdis 😍❤️