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User Image sarahaile Posted: Dec 16, 2014 4:00 AM (UTC)

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User Image sarahaile Posted: Mar 16, 2018 2:20 PM (UTC)

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"For the last few years, I’ve been doing an annual week-long canoe trip with three of my oldest friends. We get all the way off the grid. No phones or modern technology of any kind. These trips remind me of just how much of one’s day-to-day living is driven by manufactured need. So my next goal is to try to tap into that feeling the other 51 weeks of the year. People like talking about multitasking but that’s fool’s gold. One thing at a time. Whenever I remember to banish my phone from my bedroom and replace it with a book, good things happen." | cc: @stefanmymind of @openrun | #peoplewhodo #inspo #inspoquote #quotestoliveby #portraits #nycportraits #nycphotographer
User Image sarahaile Posted: Mar 15, 2018 1:03 PM (UTC)

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"The rub is, and has always been, figuring out how to make time for both the things that entertain you and the things that sustain you." | cc: @stefanmymind for @_peoplewhodo_ | #peoplewhodo #inspo #inspoquote #quotestoliveby #portraits #nycportraits #nycphotographer
User Image sarahaile Posted: Mar 14, 2018 7:48 PM (UTC)

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New on @_peoplewhodo_ - I talk with @stefanmymind, writer, musician and co-host of the @openrun podcast. Loved his interview - link in bio! | #nyc #nycphotographer #nycportraits #peoplewhodo #instagood #nycphotoshoot
User Image sarahaile Posted: Feb 2, 2018 3:30 PM (UTC)

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User Image sarahaile Posted: Jan 26, 2018 2:02 PM (UTC)

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"Unfortunately women are already narrowed into being emotional creatures, and it’s usually perceived as a weakness or somehow less credible than logic, so there was a time when I felt ashamed for being sensitive. But as a feminist, better yet, a womanist, I’ve learned that the best way to combat a harmful stereotype or notion is to reclaim it and express the beauty and power of it. Sensitivity is a superpower, and using my emotional intelligence as one of my compasses while navigating life has led to some of my bravest adventures, most fulfilling relationships and best accomplishments." | cc: @ali.the.prince for @_peoplewhodo_ | #nycportraits #nyc #nycphotographer #nyclife #womenempowerment #women #friday
"I’m proud of building a community that I can count on; establishing meaningful and long-lasting friendships; traveling on my own; finding a job that I love; growing in my relationships with my mom and dad." | cc: @missarturet for @_peoplewhodo_ | #nyc #nyclife #nycportraits #nycphotographer #peoplewhodo
Ya know that feeling when you meet wonderful humans? This is that. New @_peoplewhodo_ story is live - I talk community and self-care with the Founders of @sistercirclebrunch, @missarturet and @ali.the.prince. Link in bio 💥| #nycportraits #nycphotographer #nyclife #nyc