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Found this guy in my studio. Thought i should pay attention........#iconic #Messiah
  • Sad soul

  • 😕no you didn't lol @sightsforsoreyes

  • Jesus is The Lord he have mercy on your soul there no other like him he's words are true and always will be amen

  • sbsjdh 3y ago

    Jesus is the only way to paradis everybody should pray to him an god

  • Shut the fuck up you religious nut jobs

  • @taaqia_m @jventura3260 @__lq__ for when your breath starts going bad

  • @madonna for NO power will defeat GOD when Jesus is sent to redeem his chosen .... Have fun now sweetie

  • Amen ! I love Jesus. Repent,pray and fast. Gods mercy will prevail all ❤️

  • GOD damn you

  • OMG Madonna har en likadan som din 😱😂😂 @amandabauwow

  • So many haters on this pic. Glad to see society isn't as bad as I thought. Madonna rot in hell

  • Jesus loves you @madonna Your actions and rebel heart wont change His love for you. Dont follow religion coz most of the time it kills you, follow Jesus coz He's more than the religion :)

  • Jesus loves you @madonna Your actions and rebel heart wont change His love for you. Dont follow religion coz most of the time it kills you, follow Jesus coz He's more than the religion :)

  • @msreesefernandez Jesus is nobody but the son of Michaelangelo used as the image. Look it up. Don't follow Jesus..follow your intuitive self ..God is within you. Ask ..

  • Jesus love u and don't talk to Jesus like that

  • Illuminati

  • He will be coming soon

  • @jaymeranda im not gonna discuss with you sweety. You will see , my sincere love. Melanie

  • Rebecca Brown - he came to set the captives free

  • It's never too late to turn to Him Madonna, no matter what you are told. Jesus loves you.

  • Jesus love you Madonna

  • Jesus love you @madonna

  • @easybreezysundays you can't be heavenly with hellashish breath!

  • Nope! Won't make it through the gates @thefilmmaker

  • Lol @ @jaymeranda! Well alright.

  • @easybreezysundays @theportershields @jewelsinga some of these comments are hilarious!

  • @thefilmmaker @easybreezysundays @jewelsinga lawd have mercy. I cant. They goin in!

  • Madonna please believe in god

  • This isn't funny😰❌❌ @rae_reaves

  • @ie_28553 wow!!!😂

  • LOL

  • How about u sit ur gay ass down and open up a bible and comprehend it , don't believe in God , talking blasphemy about him Rot in hell with satan , how dare u speak of God in that tone and language , u don't question him , because if u knew so much than any of us and talk for him ... Why are u in this world ? Wouldn't u be in the kingdom of heaven along with God ? Only God knows when he's coming ... He's unpredictable .... Wanna talk about religion I can stay here all day with u young blind one @jaymeranda

  • We aren't perfect beings , exactly we have to be pure and perfect to go to heaven right ? So if any of us were so perfect I wouldn't be here honey , we're all humans here , we are all born with original sin , I am a Roman Catholic Christian and who are u to tell me if satan knows I'm going to hell ? 😂 are u that blind .. I'm not the ignorant one , u are , ur questioning God and talking so much of something u have no info about .. And oh I've read the bible , do ur research pal ... And I can't wait either till God comes here to judge the living and the dead , you'll be shivering in fear with the words you've said to me and how he will stare u down .. Just watch and I'll pray for u blind one .. We are the ones building peace , your not so perfect urself Hun , if u think a world without God will bring peace ur wrong and ignorant , how stupid can u be ! I am a solider of God even if I have my faults and I will stand up for my religion every minute of my life ... I'll be more than honored to die for my king and creator in heaven because once "that leader " comes to kill us Christians, you'll face Jesus and his father .... You will be the one suffering in hell not me ... Think before u talk @jaymeranda

  • And don't u realize the way ur talking to me ? Ur no innocent flower , none of us are 😭😂😂 u know what God isn't about a fight , ur so ignorant .. I'm not a fake one , everyone has their faults lmfao , I'm not not saint .. But atleast I have the grave of God and want to become a good person and better one everyday .. U are no one to judge me , and how am I a whore 😭😭 that's the funny part where did that come from , you know don't hop to one thing to another re read the essays u wrote to me and realize what u wrote makes no sense to what ur saying now @jaymeranda

  • Lmfao he already knows and u won't have the guts to even say it to him when u face him u fool ,( P.S, I'm not stressing about u , its ur life not mine , u could just throw it in the hands of evil and be condemned ) remember me when u at ur judgement @jaymeranda

  • So much respect@costagram_97

  • We would not exist if it wasn't for the Lord Jesus!

  • Hear him @madonna

  • @rose.official @duce2 What about "Allah", "Brahman", "Buddha", etc? Are they coming too? We are lucky ladies, we had born in the culture with the "Right" religious beliefs, the rest is wrong.. I feel sorry for the souls of the people who were born in another culture, because they are automatically "#lost"

  • I wanna tell you that, be leady one day you will see when jesus coming from the sky to took all people who beliving him. MAKE SURE YOULL BE AMONG.

  • @duce2 I believe in him as a universal creator, not an old man with white beard on a golden chair in paradise. He is pure love, energy, but is a concious energy because we are here with a purpose. The only thing that religio n has done is separate us and distract us from our real purpose and our habilities.. Our soul does not 'born' together with our body, it was alive before you borned and it will after your death. We live a hard life in a hard world, and we are here to learn and to evolve spiritualy and believe or not, you'll come back here as much as you need to learn your lesson. We as human, we have been so deceive and so wrong about this is ridiculous. He will not send to 'hell' the people who doesn't even had the chance to think about Him, when they had a life of hunger and sickness. Are you choosing the "good way" by your heart's will? Or because ""I Have To, otherwise I'll go to hell?"" which you are scare of that for sure. There's not two ways after death, that has been the most succeful lie for centuries. He is way greater than what we thought, and theres much more out of our understanding..

  • Do you really believe that the whole universe revolve just around us? We are just a cell in a universe full of life Paul. @paulmartin.pm23

  • oooh! okey

  • @ettevira well said

  • @duce2 Thanku that's right

  • I was agreeing with u @duce2

  • You too @duce2

  • Jesus is our savior. He died for us, for our sins. We should know the real purpose of our lives through him. Just believe in him "Jesus Christ"

  • Oh my goodness @kathrynclark95

  • Making fun of Jesus cause u know ur already going to fucking u anus licking whore @madonna

  • priit7 2y ago

    You know what the most ironic thing about this "ironi"is? You are mocking someone who actually gives you a breath at all! You are mocking someone who holds your every heart beat in His palm! You make yourself to be a god in your own eyes and in the eyes of people who are blind as yourself, and you don't even realise in which pathetic situation you are and how fragile and empty your life actually is! You are mocking your Creator on whos mercy you actually live every day... That is what is ironic, not the "guy" on the picture, madonna! @madonna God have mercy on you. #betterRepentSoonerThanLater

  • a1saa 2y ago

    She Illuminati and Illuminaties are Antichrists

  • Just wish He'll not mad at you madonna, He gave you a great voice, pretty eyes, and beautiful face. But you leaved Him

  • @its_me_jocsan I'm buying this for Majed 😂👌

  • This is one of your most tasteless photos yet. Remember all this the day you face him @madonna

  • Omg such HATERS!! Madonna is the Best!! Guess what ya see us Leo's we don't care cause guess what "HATER'S ARE OUR MOTIVATOR'S" unbelievable!! Love you my soul sistah!! 👍❤😘💋🙌🙏

  • This isn't a mockery towards Jesus. I love Jesus & I would love to grab a hold of these mints. It's cute. I think it's a great idea. We see celebrities faces all over products these days, why not Jesus' face too?

  • @natalialipari lol your dumb! if u love jealous and actually read the Bible..u wud know this is a blasphemy

  • @pixiechim_nikki insulting me? That's not very Christian like of you. Also, next time you insult someone you might want to know how to spell you're* & jesus*. Also, the bible is man made & has been changed multiple times throughout the years so you can't use the bible as a factual source. You are very ignorant

  • @natalialipari sorry was not so concentrated in you..i think u are very ignorant to actually support this satan's puppet and her constant mock at Jesus..peace! the Bible is the word of GOd and is not man made..i love JEsus and so should u..god bless..!

  • @pixiechim_nikki you think that god made the bible? LOL you are so ignorant, it's hilarious. I'm actually cracking up. You desperately need to educate yourself. You call yourself a Christian yet you ridicule others & don't even know where the bible comes from. "Satans puppet"? Man you're crazy. You know, the whole idea of Christianity is to spread love. The whole idea of Satanism is to spread hate. You're spreading hate right now. You're more of a satanist than anything. Christians are supposed to be kind & respect others. Don't worry, I'll pray for you. I'm gonna go now, have a nice day

  • Los libros de mi uni @itswagggy

  • @sugar.kittenz @lulspicy Look i found a present for y'all

  • Come to hi

  • Godbless you madonna, jesus christ should be respected.

  • Fuck you you will burn in hell all bitches do that fuck illuminati and satanism fuck all

  • This is blasphemy... Repent or go to hell...

  • Wow.....

  • Im gonna pray for you as the bible tells me too❤️🙏

  • Madonna Ciccone, I pray that god puts his hand on you, that the holy spirit takes your soul back from the darkness you have allowed to take over. You know what the bible says.God knows your name.I rebuke the darkness from you. I pray for you in the name of Jesus, amen. 👎🔺

  • Your a looser mad onna


  • On judgment day We will beat you once again & I can't wait to see you burn & perish in hell fire because that will be your life long home you Satanic Babylonian demonic possession you virus

  • You just don't deserve what Jesus has done for you & you deserve to be crucified

  • U call him guy??

  • The devil has you for sure ! I wonder what your mother from Heaven feels about you ? Following darkness will never get you to the light .... Heaven.

  • I can almost hear your scream while your ass burn in hell where you and your illuminati friends belongs

  • Evil blasphemous woman.

  • That is so funny, saviour mints save your breath. Got a giggle out of me

  • U call him a guyyy its JESUS uu stupidd burnn in hell u and ur satanic friendsss ure a shameeeeeee too usss ure evill i hateee uuuu soo muchhhh u dont deserve what jesus has made forrr uuuuuu i HATE U AND UR SATANIC MINDDD go ask ur God for forgiveness wakee uppp . WELL I PRAY THAT JESUS WILL WAKE U UPP FROM UR CRAZY SATANIC EVIL MINDDDD

  • Is she a stan worshiper or not cause I thought she was someone help

  • who can judge her but God? this is a picture a man drawed, Jesus Lord is more than a man can draw, more than a pic, what are you judging?

  • You are playing with Eternal fire

  • Word of wisdom @rupyn , even the bible told us to judge not! Ur comment really inspired me 👍👏👏👏 more of God's inspiration and wisdom!!!

  • @trlimi the gospel is really inspiring <3 God bless you too!

  • Repent.

  • Messiah.... <3

  • You are in illuminati and you believe in god?? Bitch please!!

  • @officialk8tiwilz Yes he was a Guy, the Same Guy the Whites used against us During Slavery and Torment.. He is Jesus tho

  • People are so stupid this days why don't you just respect other people opinion God him self said don't judge my sons cause you will be judge I don't remember the actual words but that's what he says if she worship satan okay she will burn in hell not you. Look at yourself before looking at others you may be doing something wrong and decide to judge others. How ironic i respect everyone opinion and I also have mine . (I believe in God ) and if you don't okay I don't know what to say to you !!!

  • It's God job to judge us !! We can do our best to be better humans being everyday of our life's we can reach to be perfect even thought we will never be perfects but we can try . Stop the hate people

  • though**

  • LOL @ Hate filled religious bigots. There is No Fun in fundamentalism.

  • Serius aku ngakak, die emang wanitasaiton kurang asem banget tapi kocak. Masa jesus dipanggil 'this guy' @fadillahismi

  • @madonna cant wait to see u die

  • At least don't make a mockery of him

  • This is sad Jesus loves you but you don't love him he died for you. Believe him and accept him into your heart and you will be saved.

  • I just cant believe that u mock him! Gosh!!!!

  • Madonna you suck

  • Jesus loves you. Don't be foolish of your ways as you already have @madonna

  • @moly_sihombing bangke bgt ini

  • This is just showing your a hurt and broken little girl. You were abused and not loved but that was not God's doing. It was the devil. And now the very being (devil) who's trying to kill you... your worshipping! The fact you even wake up is another day for you to live life in liberty. Jesus have mercy on her soul! Save her from the pits of hell like you saved me. I was lost but now I'm found was so blind but now I see!

  • pacifc 1y ago

    Wtf bitch no.more play with Jesus

  • pacifc 1y ago

    You go to Hell tjis planet is nothing more then a playground. Gods playground. He watching it

  • @bingodalgal need these

  • 😂😂😂

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