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User Image melmargulies Posted: Aug 21, 2014 12:29 AM (UTC)

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This is me one year ago. I've never publicly shared this whole photo because it's pretty scary looking. Want to know something more scary? After my injury I was written off by the league commissioner and made to pay my thousands of dollars in medical bills on my own.
As an LFL player we give our blood and sweat to be the best athletes we can be. We show up to practices 2-3 times a week and we train on our own the rest of the week. We show up to mandatory promotional events to rally our fan base and take photos to promote our games. We play our hearts out on game day and many of us incur injuries. And we do this all without being paid-- because we love the game of football.
But there's one problem with this model: although we should be, since we do everything an employee would, we are not deemed to be employees of the LFL. This loophole allows the league to write us off as soon as we are no longer compliant and/or usable. If we are injured, we are not protected. Many players are in debt with medical costs incurred while playing.
This is why I have chosen to file a class action lawsuit. None of us ever played for the money, I myself could care less if I receive a dollar. This is about holding the league accountable to taking care of it's employees-- the very women who make this sport happen. We need to be recognized as employees so that we can be protected like the valuable assets that we are.

On that note-- go Temptation! beat the Bliss this weekend!
  • Respect!!

  • Good job, lady!! Go get em 🙌👊👊👊

  • Go girl 🙌🙌🙌

  • Sounds like a strike to me. Let them find 100 of in shape women ready to risk their necks for no pay at a moments notice and see what happens. Now days you gotta rally support w social media and gain attention to get respect. Start a page or petition and tell me where to sign!! But please no ice bucket like challenges.. #FightOn

  • I hope they get what's comin @melmargulies ✌ 💪

  • You go girl(; very well put, you guys deserve nothing but the best, especially looking the way you do, I'm sure thats not easy(; were do you fuys play next? Maybe I'll go and bring my picket sign lol hang in there and don't give up, fight for what you love!

  • I feel that - same deal with the Olympic federation of Puerto Rico. Sad way to go out but what can we do. I agree it should be a better system for athletes. Best of luck with everything Melissa! Fight on 😉

  • Good luck little baby.. 👍👶

  • Proud of you for fighting for what you (and ALL the LFL players) deserve. I tried out and didn't make the cut, but after hearing several of these kinds of stories I am very thankful I didn't make the team. It is absolutely ludicrous that you girls aren't at the very least taken care if health-wise. Especially since it's such a violent sport. I wish you all the best hon.

  • Well said

  • Well said

  • ✊ You shexy:)

  • Ouch

  • keyfit 3y ago

    Wow. That's is crazy. I had no idea. But I can definitely relate to your pain

  • Whoah. Wtf!!!!

  • Can I share this??

  • @amberdodzweit sure! And if you and @keyfit wanna join up on this class action suit, let me know!

  • I might be into that....

  • keyfit 3y ago

    I might be into that too

  • What happened in this pic tho- did you beak your jaw?!

  • @amberdodzweit I shattered my cheek bone and orbital bone. Was a hair away from losing my sight in my right eye and a hair away from the impact being to my temple.... Could have died...

  • @melmargulies omg. Girl let me know if you need any help. I don't know that I would contribute to the class action- but I have a lot of things that I saw go on and a lot of things I was forced to do...I'm so sorry babe. That's effed UP

  • Does your number still end in 0606 @amberdodzweit ? I'll text u

  • sveste 2y ago


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