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  Posted: May 22, 2011 2:49 PM FEED
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We were just four friends, in a room, making music. We could never have prepared ourselves for how big it was going to get.
This is a picture of me and the wife enjoying a September evening in Oslo.
This is a picture of me playing a child's bass.
I had huge amounts of fun with my new '76 Quad Reverb during the ten minutes between plugging it in and it blowing up.
The great thing about my new glasses is that the central meeting point of the lenses is held together with a magnet for sheer ease of removal. They also have a head strap. Try as I may, I haven't been able to shake these puppies off yet.
I don't have any kids yet so it'll just be photos of me playing the guitar for the time being. 📸: Stine Gjertsen
Hamburg, day 2. Loose, full of juice and ready for tschüss.
I'm in Hamburg with sixteen ladz™ Forecast: heavy carnage.
You're not gonna not rip the intro to Sweet Child O' Mine.
Ekteskap. Ekte skarp. Ekstra sharp. Come at me, @berghausofficial 📸: @tomivar
Playing @slottsfjell on Thursday and @fjellparkfestivalen next week with @ayhfy. We're going to release an album next year about trying not to hate yourself, the World and everyone in it.
One of these guys is a future pop star. The other is just a little kid. Trust.
I have to capture as much video as I can whilst I'm still pre-seminal.