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Look how happy the culture vulture Lyor Cohen looks to be getting money off all of us and our authentic experiences... We're all mad cause we can't make money of his him cause he never did anything cool ever...I wonder what sell out from our culture that has been employed by them for years is gonna stick up for him like @djfunkflex did for that clown joi It's funny how they try to make us fight each to take the focus off them robbing the us...Old trick and I m not going for it... Let's keep the focus on them... The divide conquer game is over... I'll deal with @djfunkflex later

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Conversations with @hip_hop_motivator...Principles and morals mean everything to me and always have...I'll never look the other way I could careless how powerful you appear to be...even when others don't actions historically speak louder then and fame are just a test of character #staytuned
On the set of #TheList with the team...hand selected by #wifeyforlifey @raquelmhorn can't imagine how much work gets done with no stress #investinwomen @systerli @ccourtlee @lasswithapen @cindyballantine #thenotfuckingaroundcrew #staytuned they all have specific super powers! And of course gov @poppingtonpups
Happy birthday to my brother @t2g_clothing it's going down in Charlotte as we speak @duskowineandspirits
Before I was plant based #beefbacon was my favorite protein so I loved when #WifeyforLifey @raquelmhorn cooked this #sautéedlemongarlicbroccoli dish on @dashdiabetesnetwork. Check it out. Full episode available at @damondashstudios ☝🏾Link in bio. @afrezzainsulin #healthiswealth #ghettogourmet
@boogiedash first video with him rapping and he made the beat check it out #prouddad
My brother @irvgotti187 is back #Tales @bet congrates...this looks like it's going to be good money #staytuned proud of you bro
Directed @tallulah_dash first video the other day her and my son @boogiedash made a banger @durkioworld came through and showed love #staytuned #prouddad #familyiswealth #mylilfaces
Tomorrow is the third annual #doxiepoolpawty hosted by @systerli and her pup ... #investinwomen @poppingtonpups will be there ... get a sample of our shampoo #staytuned dusko is making a special appearance you know how we love our dogs
I don't eat meat...pause but when I did this was one of my favorite dishes #wifeyforlifey @raquelmhorn used to cook for us check the whole episode out on @dashdiabetesnetwork or @damondashstudios and if you are gonna eat meat make sure it's free range and grass feed no cheap meat #staytuned #healthiswealth #investinwomen
Tomorrow Oct. 4th at 6:30pm in LA, and LIVE Streamed across various outlets, I'll be talking with @forbes columnist Julian Mitchell as part of Get Paid to Be Yourself. There's going to be some great conversation about the @dashdiabetesnetwork, music, fashion @poppingtonclothing, opening galleries, starting my own digital media platform @damondashstudios and so much more. Come check it out, or watch it being LIVE streamed, this Wednesday October 4th. More information can be found at #GPTBY #StayDriven @alistmusicco @officialbelaire @drivensociety
Me and mine #wifeyforlifey @raquelmhorn about go for a spin around the @gfivecultivation ...nothing better then a woman that can drive a stick shift!... investinwomen 📸 @ava_dash
#Episode9 of @dashdiabetesnetwork is live on @damondashstudios with the final part of #InsulinShootOut where Ron James @ivolvetv asks CEO of #MannKind, Mike Castagna about the diabetes industry.
#WifeyforLifey cooks up some delicious #SwedishMeatballs,
and I ask our #TruthinMedicine doctors Naturopathic #DrAfrika and Diabatologist #DrKayne if a Type 1 or Type 2 diabetic can stop taking insulin.
Find the FULL episode at link in bio. Thanks to @afrezzainsulin
@thebosslrsm Aka #cornbutter singing his new hit record in the @gfivecultivation facility we like to sing to the flowers #staytuned
New heat straight from the streets of Harlem @sigdatrig is not a game because she can really rap and she's not gonna stop till she really gets it...and she's doing on her own #investinwomen #harlemsticktogether #redsig🔴 available now
Me and @thebosslrsm ran into @berner415 the other day at @wizkhalifa show ..he was very generous with the game ...appreciate it bro #staytuned @gfivecultivation 📸@raquelmhorn