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Last night our kiddies had their school concert, and it was seriously amazing! It was based on ‘Just The Way You Are’ by Max Lucardo. Gemma had the main role of Alice and did super well to remember so many lines. Eli played Alice’s brother, Ashca was Countess Anastasia and was part of a beautiful dance too, and Chloe was part of a great song that her class sung to Gemma/Alice. It was such a pleasure to have so many family members come and watch them too, especially my grandparents, the kids great grandparents, it was so special that they came to watch it. Scroll across for some photos of the night. We will also have a DVD of the play too, for any family that want to watch it with us later. Thanks to all the staff for all your amazing work putting this together. It was such a huge success, well done!
Home sick today and I’ve spent the day either at the docs or sitting on the couch. I should find out tomorrow but looks like something is playing up in my gallbladder or pancreas. I this afternoon I was getting bored so decided to get up and wipe down the kitchen but ended up feeling horrid from it. So I’ve turned to my oils and made a rollerbottle that’s recommended for this type of thing. Anyone else used oils for upper gastric pain?
Loved the weekend away with these two. Such wonderful girls and their friendship is absolutely gorgeous to witness.
Oh just sitting by the pool, soaking up sunshine and about to paint my nails. How are you spending your Sunday?
Chloe had to follow suit and just jump on in to the pool like Amy did.
I love Amy’s attitude to life. She knows the pool is not very warm, so she just runs up and jumps straight in.
Out for lunch with the two crazy gorgeous girls.
Perfect blend for a girly weekend away.
Spent today plant shopping, then out in the garden preparing all the garden beds before finally doing the spring planting. So excited to watch my new little babies grow. Just don’t tell them we will be gobbling them up once they grow big haha. Our garden now has all these food beauties growing: cucumbers, beans, 3 types of capsicum, silverbeet, cos lettuce, rocket, basil, spring onion, kale, parsley, chives, rosemary, mint, oregano, 2 types of chilies, strawberries, blueberries, 3 types of tomatoes, limes, lemons, mandarins, dwarf orange, and snowpeas which were bought by accident. I thought I was buying peas which is the season for sowing peas, but accidentally bought snowpeas which it’s not the season for, oh well if they grow great, if not, it’s a lesson learnt. #backyardgardening #growyourownfood
I’m so looking forward to adding this beauty to our home collection this month. And..... it’s 10% off this month! Message me if you are keen to get your hands on it too.
Pretty stoked with how @izzy_best has started to transform our front yard. 2nd photo is the real estate photo when we first bought 2 years ago, and first photo is how he has changed it so far. Tomorrow we will be heading to the nursery for the plants and then hopefully it will be turfed in the next week or so. I’m so proud of my awesome hubby, taking the vision he had, and making it a reality. When he first proposed his ideas I hated them, but now that I can see it coming together, I can see his vision. More photos to come once plants and turf are in.
{LATERGRAM} ~ I realised I forgot to share Chloe’s birthday cake from earlier in the week. It took just 5 minutes for my workmates and I to put together and was devoured just as quick. Definitely an awesome birthday cake!
He really didn’t like trying on his outfit for the school concert. ‘I hate it Mum, I’m not going to wear it’. Ahhh, yes buddy, yes you are going to wear it, and you are going to look awesome! #shoppingwithkids #saversforthewin
We have a teenager! Happy 13th Birthday Chloe. Gosh I love your beautiful personality. A perfect mix of kind, loving, and cruisy, with a dash of crazy.
Part 1 of Chloe’s video....
Over the last few days, Chloe has been teaching herself Auslan, and today decided to make this video to share what she has learned so far.