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This is meaghan. (: she's 17 and a twin!

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This is the most gorgeous person I have ever seen in my entire life, like this if you're against cancer. <3 she deserves to be an IG model. Comment if you agree <3
This is jojo. She's 13 and plays softball. (:
This is Emily. (: she plays college volleyball.
This is Elay, he won the nerd look contest, he made the nerd look look chic, agreed? Elay is 15 and likes fashion and performing arts, you can defenitly tell by this picture that he is into all of that kind of stuff. (: he's a cute kid. @elaynealmoses
This is Jose! He's 21, and makes YouTube videos! Check him out,
This is charlotte. She's 16 and loves to dance. (:
This is Josefine, she's 15 and she loves handball! She's gorgeous..
This is maryssa, she's 18 and loves photography. (:
This is Maria, she's 17 and both her and her sister are insta models. (: @mariachristinaaa
This is Nellie, and she's in love with Victoria's secret!
This is Olivia, she's 15, and a cheerleader. (:
This is Bryan. (: varsity track runner. He's cute.
This is Yaileen, she's cute right? She's sent me a picture, I always meant to go back to it but I always forgot, comment below and tell her how beautiful she is. (:
This is hailey, she's 14 and a gymnast. (:
This is meaghan. (: she's 17 and a twin!