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When your makeup is on fleek, your life is on fleek💄💋 #Motn #makeuponfleek #MUA LIP COLOR: @colourpopcosmetics "951" by @iluvsarahii literally my go to lip lately💕🔥
For her the ocean was more than a dream, it was a place she needed to visit to find herself. And when she returned to the city, you could see the sun in her eyes, the wind in her hair, and tasted the infinite salt on her lips. 💋🌴🌊☀️ #josechaves #qotd #isladeencanto #travelgram #islandlife #colombia #wanderlust #islasdelrosario
💕Because the heart filter is life! 💕 #snapchat add me on snap: mariahmua
My heart is heavy today... I can not believe that this has happened! What is going on with our world. Why do innocent people have to die? Why do we allow people to buy an arsenal of weapons? Why are people doing these things? I am praying for everyone effected... this is complete terror! My heart is broken 💔 check in on Facebook let people know you are safe! #maygodbewithus #prayforvegas #prayfortheworld #massshooting
I got a lot of love for this girl right here, ALWAYS there for me when it counts. A major roll model for me since I can remember and someone who is not just my best friend but my FAMILY FOREVER! I love you @tawnytaitano to many more years of being crazy, adventurous, fun loving, brats together! 👯💃🏻🇨🇴✨
My last sunset in this beautiful country😓 Don't be influenced by what people tell you, experience is better than being scared of what could happen. You can NOT live your life like that! #ilovecolombia #wanderlust #experiencelife #traveltheworld 🌅🇨🇴🌎