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Too tired and fuzzy brained to write the things I want to write about this magical moment. God is good.
I love being able to design for physical products. So often our logos end up on several different screens without ever meeting the touchable tangible realm of the real. Cheers to being able to touch taste and see. Although I don't recommending tasting this one.
We've been working on this new brand for almost 6 months. It was hush hush but now that the Kickstarter has launched I can actually share! Our team did the logo, video, photo, and product design consulting.

#magdog #productdesign #logodesign #dogsofinstagram
That one time the ever so talented @thedeepwell tried to drown me in a bath of milk.
Nice to be out in the hills again, saying goodbye to the snow.
Bike bike bike bike bike bike bike bike bike. Thinking about past adventures on this rainy day in Denver. Now back to work!
Missing Japan already. It was a whacky crazy other worldly experience and if you ever get the chance, go. You won't regret it. This happy little bear is waiting to welcome you with open arms (if he had any).
Couldn't have done it without you, BB8. This little dude was just one of dozens of options for a popcorn holder (yes, popcorn) at Tokyo Disney. All throughout the park you could try different flavors from Milk Chocolate to Curry and everything in between. Personal favorite was black pepper.
Rocking Japan, Disney style for the first two days in support of my little sis @ivyandgeorgie. It's been a wild ride so far. Have my head stuck in books and apps trying to learn as much Japanese as I can...
Just. Won't. Stop. Snowing. And. I. Love. It.
Cold front coming in but it still feels like Colorado outside. Get ya some.
Sun and shade
Light and shadow
Warmth and cover
Home and hallow