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@lukes_gordons aka #butters at last years Surfing America Prime #saprime New Smyrna Beach Inlet. We are heading back there March 8 & 9. If you are an invited Prime surfer make sure you sign up by Wednesday midnight.

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Bethany Zelasko🇺🇸
USA Olympic Surf Team Traing tomorrow the 19th all day at Oceanside Harbor...AND West Coast Prime Event #2 at Church Beach this weekend! Train like champions! Yew!!! @bethany.zelasko 📷 From September Prime event @johnjksn
Tiare Thompson🇺🇸🥈
Alyssa Spencer🇺🇸🥉
Samantha Sibley🇺🇸 =5th
Congratulations to the USA Junior Surf Team Girls on their great performance and results from the Women's WQS 1000 event on the North Shore of Oahu at the Turtle Bay Resort Pro earlier this week! Yew!!! @tiare_thompson @alyssa_spencer1 @samantha.sibley
Makena Burke🇺🇸
USA Olympic Surf Team Training this Thursday at Oceanside Harbor...And West Coast Prime Event #2 this weekend at Church Beach. Yew! Get it!👊🏻💥#dreambigdreams #usaolympicsurfing🇺🇸 @makena_burke 📷 @johnjksn
#frontpagenews in the #pressofac Great article and photos of the USA Surfing Prime in Atlantic City! @showboat_hotelac #doac
Caleb Crozier🇺🇸
USA Olympic Surf Team Training this Thursday, October 19th at Oceanside Harbor South Jetty AND West Coast Prime Event #2 at Church Beach this Weekend! Congrats to all the USA Surf Team riders for their successes this last weekend in the East Coast Prime Event in Atlantic City, NJ and the NSSA Open Event in North San Diego County! Yew!!! #getafterit @_calebcrozier 📷: @johnjksn 👍🏻
Team USA🇺🇸
Final day 2017 ISA World Junior Championship, Hyuga, Japan🇯🇵
From the 7:30 AM car ride to the contest site to Greg Cruse with his Gold Medal at 2:30 PM it was the most AMAZING 7 hours imaginable! Once again congratulations to the 12 American teenage surfers who worked together, believed in each other and got after it and never let up up till they attained it! 2017 World Champions🥇🇺🇸
Can't say enough about this guy! Thank you @joey.buran for your dedication to this team and these kids. Japan was tough, as these events go; small rooms, cramped transportation, long flight, 16 hour time difference, hot and humid, unfamiliar food, and limited food choices. You need to add that to the usual demands of hormonal teenagers and the 9 day grinding marathon these events are to fully understand the magnitude of your achievement. During two weeks of 19 hour days you were coach, counselor, disciplinarian, motivator, mentor, teacher, role model and leader, not to mention cheerleader, dancer and story teller. You gave all this from your heart and from your love of the kids and surfing. There are lots of surf coaches out there but few coaches in the "team" sense of the word. You are the best and this result proves it. We can't thank you enough!
Greg Cruse🇺🇸
Special "shoutout" and congratulations to the CEO of USA Surfing on Team USA winning the Gold Medal last week at the 2017 ISA World Junior Surfing Championship in Hyuga, Japan. Thanks for all your hard work that helped make it possible! (Coach Joey)👊🏻💥🥇🇺🇸😀 @huge_manatee @isasurfing
Countdown to #tokyo2020 Olympics from Ichinomiya City Hall. Ichinomiya Chiba will host the Olympic Surfing Competition. #teamusa
Team USA🇺🇸
2017 ISA World Junior Surfing Champions! Part 3...How the World was won and the role of the Boys Under 16:
Taro Watanabe🇺🇸 From day 1...he was in form and on fire! We called for greatness and he brought it! Beyond impressive, his silver medal was one one of the all time greatest performances by a Californian in World Junior competition. His silver "held serve" and passed the baton to Kirra and Noah to seal the fruit and close the deal!🥈=🥇👊🏻💥
Kade Matson🇺🇸Kade ripped and was pretty much flawless in his surfing throughout the event...he finished an impressive 15th overall and knocked out a number of Team USA rivals head to head before bowing out late Friday afternoon. We needed every "bill and coin" he had, and he gave us what we needed for Team Gold!👍🏻
Micah Cantor🇺🇸 Micah surfed the best of his career at the most critical time...blow tails, rotations and huge turns he averaged just under 14 points a heat. He finished in the top 30 which was huge for Team points...the fact that his humor is pure Southern was an added bonus to the cause😂👊🏻💥
Nick Marshall🇺🇸 Like Micah he also finished in the top 30 and "grinded out" a number of heat advancements in the Repo Rounds on Thursday. His surfing was outstanding as he also had heat averages in the 13 points plus range. In the end, the fact that all 4 Boys Under 16 made top 30 was a big factor in Team USA leading from wire to wire. 👌🏻👍🏻
These Boys U-16's also surfed awesome in the Aloha Cup semis and did a great job "chairing" Alyssa and Sam after the Girls Under 16 Final! In the end...This diverse group of USA teenagers made up of 10 surfers Under 16 (out of 12 total) with 4 alternates who became starters ( Rachel, Micah, Brock and Levi) became World Champions not in a "Cinderella Story" but with a dominating performance over 8 days that reflected a combination of humility, hard work, clutch performances, team unity and above all else great surfing with a little bit of swag...and absolute greatness! We are the champions! Thanks for the Gold Medal, A World Championship and a great life time memory👍🏻(Coach Joey)🥇🇺🇸😀🙋🏼‍♂️
Team USA🇺🇸
2017 ISA World Junior Champions!
Part 2- By day 4 it was clear how good the USA Girls were. The only question was could they "seal the fruit"'s how it played out...
Alyssa Spencer🇺🇸She is the 2017 Girls Under 14 USA Champion and now she is the 2017 Girls Under 16 World Champion! She won the Repo Final with her best performance of the week and then dropped 2 NINES in the Final to Combo the world! Beyond impressive!🥇🥇
Samantha Sibley🇺🇸 she needed to grind 3 heats on Friday to keep us in Gold contention and she did...then she advanced in the Repo final by catching a clutch 7 with ONE second left in the heat! Bronze in the Girls U- 16 Final kept our grip on Gold and set the stage for Taro, Kirra and Noah who would follow👊🏻
Kirra Pinkerton🇺🇸She never surfed in the Repo Rounds...she took the "carpool lane" all the way to the Final...she was the first to make a Final and it inspired the 4 other Americans who would follow! 👌🏻😀
Rachel Presti🇺🇸 Rachel was on fire at Worlds! 7th in the event was awesome... beyond that..she wants everyone to be happy and get along...and she helped make sure they did! KUMBAYA Girl!😀
So...4 American girls all under the age of 16 went...Gold, Bronze, Copper, the World. Championship!!! BOOM!💥 #awesome #greatness #getitdone #kumbaya 😊
Team USA🇺🇸
It was amazing and almost unbelievable...except that Team USA lead from day 1 and lead until the VERY last heat when the Team Gold was still undecided ( Boys Under 18 Final)
Here is how it happened ....
Noah Hill🇺🇸WOW! For 8 days he lit up the World and still in the last heat of the event, the Boys Under 18 Final he needed personal Silver to give the Team Gold. 3 Backside rotations, 2 frontside rotations and surfing with incredible passion...he did it! It was epic! His silver 🥈= Team USA 🥇👊🏻💥
Cole Houshmand🇺🇸The "Iceman" got it done finishing 6th and cheering on his Teammates who surfed on after him. The Captain led and he lead us to Gold👍🏻
Brock Crouch🇺🇸 In the final event of his surfing career, the super star snowboarder gave Team USA 5 Great heats...the fact that life is ALWAYS fun with Brock kept everyone loose...he was a golden fit for this Team👊🏻
Levi Slawson🇺🇸 Levi's 9.6 on Thursday was a huge lift for the entire Team at perhaps our most critical and defining moment, in more ways than one. The little man ...Delivered at the right time, in the most amazing way on the World's biggest stage!👌🏻
#surfwithswag #sealthefruit #worldchampions
@kevyn_dean and @huge_manatee checking out the #tokyo2020 surfing event site at Tsurigasaki Beach with #ichinomiya mayor and @omorij from #usoc We ran into @kei_kobayashi ! #itsasmallworldafterall
Stoked to be touring Tokyo 2020 Olympic venues with our USOC Tokyo liaison Jon Omori and USA Surfing director @kevyn_dean Surfing the Olympic surfing site at Shidashita Beach in the morning and securing the best local facilities in advance for #teamusa #theteambehindtheteam #earlybirdgetstheworm #failingtoplanisplanningtofail #roadtogold #tokyo2020
Let's get this party started!!! We be like ....World Champions!!!! Yew!!!! 👊🏻💥🏅🇺🇸