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That's it? That's all you had #hurricaneirma ? House is cleaned if any of you were less fortunate, hit me up!
Home of the brave indeed. Riding out Irma in style, if anyone needs my services tomorrow with clean up let me know.
Battled kickflips on Friday, battling hurricanes on Sunday. Gotta love Florida!
"Just remember waking up on the shore. Head busted, stomach cracked, feet splintered, I was bald... quite lucky to be alive though." - Bob Dylan.
Drinks with @hollyryan78 out of glasses older than most of our friends.
Where are my skate nerd friends? I rode this board as a young pup but can't remember what it is. Help me out, and go-
"One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach.. all the damn vampires."
I used to get up extra early and stay up really late to watch him as a kid, He was one of my favorites! R.I.P.
Happy Valentine's Day to my lovely wife @hollyryan78 Here is to many more to come🥂
Sunday funday with @gasolinadrink These things are delicious!
Not quite done but it's getting there.
Just thinking back to kick flips in paradise. #puertorico
#slappysunday coming soon to the Ryan household. Not as good as @scottyb813 latest our but it will do.
Just laying some rebar on my day off, pretty relaxing little Sunday.