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Vi hadde en halv time ilag i dag... Sånn blei store dela av den brukt:)

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@karl_ive rocking the beautiful leggings from @doctormotherother_ 🙌🏻 so soft and so comfy but not only that it’s independently designed, fun and thoughtful towards the planet and the humans that make them❤️
Today I had 13 kids and 8 mums over at my house🎈💃🏼😅 my candles were swapped out with a plate of toys and I loved every minute of it❤️ so thankful for people around me🎉🍼
Today I got this for dinner:) all in one pot and it’s 5 min prep and in the oven for maybe 25min:)) my stories tell the tale of what’s in it😜
No joke.. it took 20 min! Curry alaThorsen 💃🏼 so yum but oh so simple!!✌🏻 and yes I was too hungry and lazy for cute bowls😜 #noworriesmarkusisorteddinner
Lover of people, and a sweet sweet friend❤️ love you lots @absnibs thanks for brightening my day and for always being real😘 you deserve all the love in the world and I am thankful I get to do life with you🙌🏻 and that we get to go swimming with our babies once a week💦💦 no it’s not your birthday but hey😜 #istoleyourpic
5 months ago😅 someone seemed to have fun😜👍🏼
Missing this crew and the rest of my sisters and family❤️ so thankful for beautiful and close relationship even though we live far apart ❤️ family is such a blessing👌🏻
Just made this on my instastory💃🏼 if you want to get hungry way to late an be little jealous 😜 ha!
Anyone in he area that would like a sourdough starter by any chance?:):)
Gaaaaash!! This feels so surreal! This was me 5 months ago! And yes I got even bigger than this😬😂🙋🏼 #arvdesign #9monthspregnant
Yes our babies fell asleep in the car, yes we stoped for coffee, yes we drank the coffees worm, yes this is very significant, yes I will shout this from the rooftop🙌🏻 yes next Thursdays will do it all over again.... if the babies allow😂😂💦🐳 @absnibs #thursdayswim
Made sourdough from scratch from a starter my mum brought over some months ago🙌🏻 yes... it has taken me several months of try and fail and not bothering.. but now.. oh how I love sourdough!!!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Two very exited people at baby swim💦 he even had his first under water dip😬
4 months today❤️ I celebrate with a sick bug 😷