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#puppy I Miss him so much. He's still missing can't find him anywhere! 
  • Omg that's horrible. Hopefully he'll come back!!

  • swingbee 336w ago

    Oh no! I'm sorry.

  • sorry to hear, hope he's okay

  • alanaj 336w ago

    I thought you got him back :(

  • sholtzee 336w ago

    Oh no… my Burmese Grace went missing for 8 days once… then just turned up as if it never happened. I think she was locked in a shed. Don't give up… …we did a letter box drop

  • alanaj 336w ago

    where abouts did he get lost?

  • kooper trooper 

  • @alanaj I got his older brother back. I can't find him  I'll have to start emailing and letter stoping

  • alanaj 336w ago

    hey pauly, we have started a new # page up for the Centralcoast it's called #cccommunity tags some of your amazing photo's and make everyone drool at how good your photos are of our amazing Coast!

  • 

  •  awww

  • Awe so adorable...

  • @alanaj ok will do thanks buddy btw did you find out where that beach is?!

  • alanaj 336w ago

    the one in my last Pic? its the opposite beach to Soilders Beach, follow it all the way around to the light house. get some great photo's there. you going to gon on the CC IG walk?

  • @alanaj lol no bombys beach?? The one I asked you about. Everyone talks about it but I don't know where it is. There's an IG walk?!? When and where?

  • emkostt 336w ago

    Awwwh I hope that u find him! What kind of dog is he?

  • @swimm thankyou. He's a black Labrador cross blue cattle dog. Him an his brother went missing and I got his brother back but not him!

  • annngiee 336w ago

    Oh gosh, he's so cute. I know how you feel :( I hope you find your puppy ♥

  • @annngiee they were always a pair. And now he's gone. Thankyou me too 

  • emkostt 336w ago

    Awhhhh! I hope that u find him  i have a labradoodle 

  • annngiee 336w ago

    Awww :( how did they go missing?

  • cute

  • awhhh!!! He's so cute!  I wish you the best of luck in finding him!

  • alanaj 336w ago

    Little Bomby and big Bomby are surf reefs out the front of JD's beach Jenny Dixon beach. Gets great surf their.

  • loor_a 336w ago

    Ahh! My dog went missing for two weeks one time. We were adamant about checking diff shelters and posting lost dog signs, finally paid off. So somewhat bittersweet, but your pup is adorable. I hope you guys are re-united soon!

  • Wow! Cute

  • m4yn6 336w ago

    I miss him too.he use to come and greet me when I came around

  • nonicroc 336w ago

    Please find puppy. I'll pray that you will be reunited with him 

  • I hope you find him!!!!!

  • emmav 336w ago

    ;( I'm so sorry to hear your puppy is still missing. Go back home puppy!

  • teedogg 336w ago

    He is so cute someone probably has him!! Go check the neighborhoods backyard

  • bstmnte 336w ago

    Aww, I hope you find me back.

  • Cute Lil face!

  • i_am_nrs 336w ago

    I hope you find him soon!

  • i hope you find your puppy soon. mine ran away and i was  but luckily we found her.

  • satyalila 336w ago

    That's horrid he's amazing hope you find him! I would be freaking!!

  • pchappy 336w ago

    Sorry to hear mate. They're a best friend even after a day

  • softday 336w ago

    Sorry to hear that... 

  • gradie 336w ago


  • ryoutee 335w ago


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