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"I could CRAFT with that!!" (ways #chashow messes with your mind for weeks)

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Pro-tip: If you have a wellness check and you're going to disclose a family history of mental illness, double-check your shoes.
Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon: phenomenon in which people who have just learned or noticed something start seeing it everywhere.
#BuckvCar #OhDeer #TheBuckStopsHere
One of my favorite local lunch spots. Enjoying the view with Mr.Angela Daniels and The Dog. #LiveLikeYoureOnVacation
Is it wrong to go to 2 different 7-11's in 1 day for free Slurpees? Asking for a friend (and her daughter). #slurpee #slurpfie
Just a few days into summer vacation and there's already some weird science project that requires fire being set up in the kitchen.
Me: Is that going to blow up?
Kiddo1: It shouldn't.
Me: Okay. There's a fire extinguisher under the sink. I'm going to watch TV. #science #summer
Father's Day love: getting up early to stand in line for #PineStateBiscuits AND lugging the special Papa coffee mug with us.
Washi tape manicure so I could spend a 1/2 hour car ride with my kids saying, "Look! I did my nails today!" And "Order whatever you want- I saved a bundle by doing my own nails- SEE?!" And "I don't know why other women spend so much money getting their nails done when they can do them themselves." And so on. If they're going to think I'm annoying, I might as well go all in, right? #nails #nailsofinstagram #daiso #manicure #budgeting
Can I add "professional hand model" to my resume if I was wearing gloves? #📷ritdye #worklife #fashion