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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the coolest dude out there, love you dad💕
I'm glad Jon's back from Mexico, and I'm sure his skin is glad to be back too😂😍#newkuskontheblock
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LIZZY! Wishing I was celebrating with you today; love you lots!
I tried to boat-hike....but no one picked me up😒
My niece had her first day of puppy school yesterday and lost her first baby tooth, they grow up so fast 😢😂💕
5 years later &he's still not sick of me? Wow, I'm impressed😬😬
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY KEEG! Thank you for being such an amazing and supportive friend. I wouldn't be surviving hygiene school without you, from crying together to laughing until we cry😂 I hope you have a wonderful birthday even tho you're in clinic all day🙃😷love you lots!💕
So thankful for this guy, he sat as my patient allll day today! Who wants to be my next victim?😂😬
HBD to my sissy, thanks for being the weirdest funniest person I know, you sure keep my life interesting! 🐐 💕