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Thank you so much @RobDyrdek, @MTV and the whole @Ridiculousness crew for such an amazing and hilarious episode! It was a dream come true to be apart of the magic! #JellyHeart

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Red bottoms. Ps. I was on my period ❤️
My dream man who I will only see in my dreams. I'll meet you in Percebo, soon. I love you my Papa.
Wasn't going to post this because maybe it's TMI but I said, fuck it. Today is Father's Day & although I have the best dad ever, I also have the best Grandfather ever. In my eyes, he has always been the ideal man. Unfortunately he hasn't been doing well & I'm trying to prepare myself, but it sucks. I just want to lay in bed with him & cuddle forever. Happy Father's Day to my Pa & my Dad. I love you both the most in the world. Thank you for teaching me what love is.
"We don't discriminate, we don't do racism & we don't do hate crimes." - @farrah__abraham #FamilyBootcamp #TeenMomOG *Edited to say that Paula called Farrah TRAILER TRASH. She never said anything about Farrah being white trash, which she is.*
Who wore it better, the Keebler Elf or Jeff Sessions?
Even though they didn't let me bring in my sign, the #Dodgers still won! We're obviously good luck charms, or maybe it was the topless kids in front of us. #ILoveLA #GoDodgers
‪Got all the latest Anfisa gossip from Jorge before he made me wait 7 hours to get some weed he never came through with. She's a stripper now and is getting a chin implant on my birthday! #90DayFinance #90DayFiance
Thought my TMS treatments were working but it could just be my new fine ass doctor flirting with me...
We're not twins, we're just both hot and clinically depressed. Listen to our latest episode of Mentally Chi(ill). Link in bio or listen at
These brain magnet treatments for my depression got me fucked up... please just google TMS so I don't have to write a paragraph here. #TMS
New episode of Mentally Chi(ill) is up. Link in my bio. If you don't have iTunes listen at
So excited to have my stupid face/hair be apart of the @parlourh launch 🍾🥂 congrats @hairroinsalon_la 💝💘
You already know I love them breast, lookin all perky, lookin all Christmas gift wrapped, lookin all turkey
Fuck hiking my elbow is broken
I literally couldn't sleep over these outfits...