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so many things to do today so i’m starting with a bath and coffee 🤷🏼‍♀️
haven’t posted a food pic in awhile and this one is from august and still makes me drool. @hillsidefarmacy cannot lose.
hittin the road to texas tomorrow. bought some good snacks so you know it’ll be a good trip. plus i have TWO other drivers with me and while it did make it 10x more difficult to pack, it also means there is a lot more time for car napping.
5 more days until I hit the road for Dallas. Even though I’ll be back in CA every weekend through November, I’m still soaking in all the salty sunshine and happy hours I possibly can ✌🏻
cannot wait to be back in the bay area in a few weeks. i’ve got 48 hours to hit all my fave spots and get in some killer shoots. also, I made the best french onion soup tonight and i’ll probably be eating it at least once a week for the rest of my life. yeah, it was thaaaaat good.
the funnest and craziest pair you’ll ever meet. loved shooting with my bb girl @whitneydarling yesterday 💕
**GIVEAWAY** Say whaaaaaat?! What you get: an engagement sesh, on the house. Wherever (in Texas), whenever, and with whoever (jk it has to be with your lova 💕)
How to enter: Follow @kaycideckerphoto, like this photo, and tag 2 engaged friends. THATS IT. Ends Monday night!
forever the sickest photos. both because they are the best and because it smelled like someone shoved a rotten fish up my nose when we took them 📸: @laurenscotti
back to reality from moving land and i promise all you august babies are getting your weddings sooooo soon. and i will respond to all emails (soon). and not be such a grumpy pants. i promise (said in little kids voice from elizabethtown) ☝🏻
Made it to the newest SCP and wowzas. If you live in the Austin area (or are visiting) you've got to get down here. It's a beauty and this peach pop is to die for ✨