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  Posted: Jan 24, 2012 1:49 AM FEED
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Hitchcockian Misty Grove #artstudio #plasticbullet
  • wow! great one my friend!

  • Is artstudio worth $3? Or should I just get the free version? What do you use it for, primarily?

  • @spacebucket well, that depends on your skill set, and not with the iPhone, but with Photo Shop. It has features and tools that will be familiar to Photo Shop users. So, that being said, ArtStudio has a steep learning curve just like PS. But, If you learn how to use the tools you will have complete control over your pixel pushing. As far as I can tell, the free version just outputs at a lower resolution (640x960 max) than the paid version (1024x1024 aspect scalable). To put that in perspective, IG only displays a resolution of 612x612. I'm pretty sure the free version has all the same tools. There's really no reason not to try it for free. Later, you can support the developer if you like it or need higher res output. ArtStudio is primarily billed as a finger-painting app. (I do that style every once in a while.) Mostly I use it to create photo composites or touch ups. It really is Photo Shop on the iPhone. If you get it and have questions, let me know.

  • Thanks! I'll go ahead and get pay. It only 3 right now

  • @spacebucket go to to download the user's manual as a PDF and load it into your iBooks. Hit me up with Qs if you have them.

  • Sweet thanks👽

  • @spacebucket can't wait to see what you come up with!

  • Is juxtapose worth buying? How often do u use it?

  • @spacebucket in my opinion Juxtaposer is not worth it when compared to the control you get with ArtStudio. You get incremental (pixel-by-pixel) transformation when moving an element in ArtStudio. With Juxtaposer you have to solely rely on the two-finger pinch to place an element. It's very inaccurate. I also find that not having a selection tool (relying on solely on an eraser) is cumbersome when creating a transparency. This might work for some users but I'm a freak, or spoiled by Photo Shop. Juxtaposer gives you a background layer and a working layer. ArtStudio give you 5 user selectable layers. ArtStudio also gives you all of those other fantastic tools like a myriad of brushes, filters, canvas/image ratios, masks, transformations, etc , (as you know by now). The one advantage to using Juxtaposer over ArtStudio is the higher resolution output. Juxtaposer will output at 1529x2048. ArtStudio will output at 1024x1025 (max). Instagram will display 612x612.

  • @spacebucket I've used Juxtaposer on three or four pieces. I've used ArtStudio on hundreds of compositions.

  • I figured.

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