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dairydist 299w ago
Early Mornin at the Ca. State capital

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dairydist 126w ago
New pup! Yorkshire terrier. Need a name for the boy.
dairydist 224w ago
Our first sunflower from seed! Brilliant😃
dairydist 226w ago
Sweet dreams Midnight, you gave us 19 years in this life.
dairydist 238w ago
My grandpa Charles Edgar Howery in his WW1 uniform
dairydist 242w ago
Alby made a new friend at the dog park, named Spooner!
dairydist 242w ago
Took Alby for a two mile walk with a break at the Starbucks! Iced white mocha and an almond biscotti for my partner please!
dairydist 248w ago
You know it's cold when there is still frost on the ivy at 1:00 pm😱
dairydist 255w ago
Last one on the shelf, and it's MINE!
dairydist 269w ago
I am convinced that CLEAN cars run better!☺
dairydist 275w ago
In the heart of Old Sacramento!