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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my favorite people on earth! @selkiehom I love you. I wish you the happiest of days, spent wearing your mickey sweatshirt. :)
What was I thinking with that shirt?! Here’s me and @kellybrownphoto in one of (my many) awkward years... @nickkroll eat your heart out. #puberme #puertoricorelief
FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO COULD NOT ACCESS YOUNG + BEAUTIFUL VIA YOUTUBE... you can watch it on Vimeo using the password "erin" ...
As a filmmaker I'm privileged to work with incredibly talented people every day, and the team behind this #youngandbeautiful video is certainly no exception.
@selkiehom spent hours and hours doing BLINDFOLDED aerial in the cold rain and @inthemoement joined here for hours of dancing and tricking (and dodging stray dry ice chips). As always, I had @bettapesce by my side making everything look magic (thanks for coming to Vegas with me, pal). Our producer @iinspiremedia brought so much enthusiasm (ps- he does still photo shoots all the time- check out the link in his bio). Special thanks to the rest of the crew and post team @mark_beckerman, Tonya Todd, @carlasruquet, @cortneymatz, Charles McDonald, Nick Schoonover, and Dan Duran.
I hope you enjoy the video! Make sure to drop selkie a note to tell her what a #badass she is! .
#blindfoldedaerial #rain #rainroom #aerial #aerialsilks #silks #hammac #hammock #inthemoement #selkiehom #moealafrangy #erinbrownthomas #circ #lanadelrey #lana #aerialintherain #circdusoleil #tissu .
Soooo... some friends and I started a film festival 👉🏽@saluteyourshortsfilmfest 👈🏽 It's this weekend and we will be screening incredible films from around the world including several Oscar qualified shorts. Please come and help make our first year a success! Many filmmakers will be present! Tickets are only $5! Link in bio!
Celebrating the marriage of @bettapesce and Dan. Laying my claim to the dance floor. .
December 2016.
Two years ago @selkiehom and I collaborated together for the first time on "the chain." Here's to many more, friend!
#aerial #aerialtissu #onlocation #silks #aerialsilks #circ