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egz89 40w ago
The only way you should be looking directly at the sun
egz89 46w ago
Happy Anniversary, it amazes me that you've put up with my shitty jokes for this long.
egz89 48w ago
So if I wear Hi-Vis, you will pay me to watch a guy dig a hole?!
egz89 51w ago
I #wearwhatmatters and you should too. Apparel you can finally feel good about wearing.
egz89 51w ago
Don't forget yo' papaya protector
egz89 53w ago
Facing problems proves to be problematic
egz89 54w ago
So someone found my childhood photos...
egz89 78w ago
When bae is sick and almost dies at the faceswap photo @chante_cm11
egz89 82w ago
"You gotta eat your breakfast man, eat the protein. Helps your brain."
-Jake, Adventure Time
egz89 96w ago
Afternoon hangs with Garth from Wayne's World