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tavitulle 210w ago
It looks casual but it didn't feel casual it felt like everything was right with the world (@petracollins took this)

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Jia Tolentino, "How Men Like Harvey Weinstein Implicate Their Victims In Their Acts," @newyorkermag.
Finally some witchy weather 😤🍂🔮 I'll be channeling this Sonja Ahlers collage from #rookieyearbookone 🌝 (Japanese edition!!!) 🎃
Sometimes you should judge books by their covers because someone somewhere worked really hard on that design!!!! I found that I owned a few that perfectly use preexisting art - clockwise from upper left: Ed Ruscha, William Eggleston, David Hockney, Sara Cwynar, Mickalene Thomas, and Lola Rose Thompson 🎨📚👏
That is what that looks like!!!!! From Summerland by Paloma Dawkins 🖥🌈
Interviewed @malalafund for @rookiemag, featuring excellent questions from our readers. Trying to conceal my awe in above photo. Please read everything she had to say about the girls she’s been talking to on her Girl Power Trip and how to keep going when things feel totally hopeless. Link in bio 🦋
Shoutout to this sign I became fixated with when I visited @saraheramos in Albuquerque and how it immediately brought to mind the phrase @durgapolashi and I send back and forth: PROTECT YOUR FLAME. The source of your creativity, the reason to make anything at all, the feeling that makes these industries worth tolerating. For me that means socializing less, scheduling time to step outside the pace of most media, and having secrets. And now I will learn this is actually an old ad for something horrible called like Teach Girls How To Look At Their Hands Instead Of How To Read, Inc.
ETA: source found! @aprcty: “This beauty is a part of Albuquerque’s ‘Orphan Sign Project’ started by some high school students/teachers (I believe): the project funds/creates art placed on signs which had been abandoned following the decline of the Route 66. The project also puts sometimes ominous but always lovely poetry on different current/former motel billboards, like one reads “heart holds against certain winds” and another reads “I clap for you in my head all the time”. There’s a sign over a bus stop which says “bus is never closed to crazy”. I only just found out the source of all this stuff. Most people in Albuquerque just find it all mysterious, strange, and (I hope) stunning.”
Thanks to everyone who braved the wind and came out for my tag sale at @300ashland (or shopped online) - we raised $6500 for @housingworks, who helped make the whole thing happen!! Shoutouts also to @white_lightning @conconwang and @blairkohan for donating from your magical closets. A very quality way to spend a Saturday afternoon ☺️✨ #ApartmentStories #300AshlandPartner
@dollhospitaljournal, a journal on mental health that feels much more like a book, is a godsend. The kind of thing that you didn’t know you needed and wish more people had. The cover on the left is by @lauracallaghanillustration. Started and edited by Bethany aka just @dollhospital. We’ve never met but every few years we have an email exchange that makes me very thankful for the internet and for strangers. 💓
Eugene Lim, "Dear Cyborgs."
Things collaging themselves on the subway
On @adamjk's insta story tonight. 💗✴️✏️🌿🦋 #thingsare
TODAY! Come by the @300Ashland outdoor plaza to buy some new clothes, with all proceeds going to @housingworks. For those who can't make it, items are listed at See you soon! 👗 #300AshlandPartner
To close out the month of @rookiemag’s 6-year anniversary, I chose my 15 favorite pieces of pop culture writing by our brilliant contributors. On Melodrama, Lemonade, Rocky Horror, RiRi, Missy, Stevie, the 27 Club...our obsessions, ourselves 😊 link in...sigh 😔 art by @cactei 😄