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  Posted: Jan 8, 2012 2:27 AM FEED
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SO EXCITED to finally share a massive, special, and formerly hush hush project that took me all over Canada for nearly 3 weeks. HUGE congrats to all the immense talent recognized, no matter the ranking -thank you for sharing your spaces with me. @enroutemag thank you for the adventure. Site updated / winners announced tonight! ❤️
So thrilled to come home to these features // Equally devastated by what’s happened up north. How you can help:
LAST HURRAH OF SUMMAH! Favorite humans. More boats. Campfires. Helluv good tacos. And another year around the sun, done.
Wait out the rain, walk 5 miles, and you, too, could be handsomely rewarded. #Croatia #SailIntoTheFunset #nofilter
Oh, and the work situation from our Airbnb terrace is pretty sweet, too. #Croatia #SailIntoTheFunset
Seaside beer terrace situation. Equally charming. #Croatia #SailIntoTheFunset
Bum bum bah dah bum bum bah dah bum bum bah dah daahhhhhh. #Croatia #SailIntoTheFunset
Bus rides, sprawling scenics, somewhere on the road towards Dubrovnik. #Croatia #SailIntoTheFunset
Spirit animal!!! Spontaneous street dance party. A fitting last night all together on the boat. #Croatia #SailIntoTheFunset
More postcards from ancients towns at sunset, as discovered from life on a boat. #Croatia #SailIntoTheFunset