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4:24pm: scored harry styles tickets that were released hours before the show.
4:26pm: received a call with a job offer at Ad Age.
smiling cause I just enjoyed 4 free days of Lolla.
volunteering at Lollapalooza is pretty chill. ❄️
free tickets, expensive beer, & good times. πŸ’™πŸ»
hats off to you, U of I. Thanks for the best four years, amazing memories, and the even more amazing people I was fortunate to meet.πŸ’™
Yesterday was Dad's birthday and he got the gift of officially having two college grads!! #alumni #illini
thanks for letting us visit and showing us around the office. ❀
fact: if Hillary won, this is the pantsuit she would have worn.
'I never did understand - the duality of art and reality...'
cheers to his 7th, final, and probably most lit dad's weekend. 🍻
survived two barn dances in two days together. 🌾🐷
you can find us at the dessert table... or as everyone just found out, in the fridge eating your late plate.
Hi welcome to the brothel, the ladies inside are so excited to meet you so follow us.