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kim_rosas 218w ago
Work in progress for the video intro for #everythingbutcloth event. #killergiantdryerballs

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I fell in love with the espresso at @bluebottleny and brought beans back to try and recreate their lattes with my machine. Their chocolate bars were also recommended so I had to bring one home. Together they are delicious! Best lattes I’ve made since getting my machine thanks to these beans. 😍☕️🍫 #bluebottlecoffee #darkchocolate #coffee #latte #rocketappartamento
Fletcher is modeling the new member of our vinyl family... yesterday we added the new Beck. Today it’s #OGILALA from WPC. 😍 placing the needle now for a fresh listen while I drink my afternoon cup. (Sick kid gets to model since he’s home 😂) #smashingpumpkins #BillyCorgan #williampatrickcorgan #wpc #vinyl #vinylcollection #blue #bluevinyl
Farewell to this dreary day. Back to Charlotte I go to hug a little boy who lost his other front tooth while I was away 😮 #dumbobrooklyn #brooklyn #themomtrip #jakontheroad
One last stop before we head home. This has been my favorite trip to NY so far. I guess I kind of love Brooklyn 😍 #brooklynflea #brooklyn #ny #themomtrip #jakontheroad
Which filter removes the grease? 😂 When you get out of a concert and nothing is open you eat a whole pizza 🍕
Doing my favorite thing with my favorite travel pal @effblog (ok, I like all my travel pals but this week she gets to be my fav 😘) 📷 @effblog at @bluebottleny I grabbed some beans to try and make a latte as good as theirs at home.
Tried the famous no meat impossible burger. Totally worth the hype 💯. Too bad there aren’t places near me with them. You cannot tell the difference! #impossibleburger #vegetarian #burger #parkslope #jakontheroad #themomtrip
The best damn ice cream of my life. Honeycomb flavor ftw. We were ISO coffee and I could tell a block away this place was a coffee shop. The ice cream was an added, sinful, bonus. #justonescoop #brooklyn #themomtrip #jakontheroad
Drinking my latte late today which means it’s a good lazy Saturday. Spending it on the porch with the rain 🌧☕️
As a #smashingpumpkins fan I couldn’t pass this tray up at @worldmarket today. 🎃🎃🎃🔨
Oh yeah. I know some of these by heart from my childhood... now to decide if Fletcher is ready 😬
It’s the perfect weather for porch swing cuddles ❤️☀️
New favorite yellow blazer and slightly chilly morning ❤️ I’m trying the new Starbucks drink today. I haven’t gone in so long I am logged out of my account and had to use real money. I couldn’t remember my password. I’ve cut my sugar intake down the past 3 months but I caved for one day. 😲