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عندما كنت أغرق, أصبحت هوائي. في البرد, أصبحت دفئي. في الظلام, أصبحت نوري.
When I was drowning, she became my air. In the cold, she became my warmth. In the dark, she became my light... #iphonesia #rickykusmayadi
And remember Ibrahim and Ishmael raised the foundations of the House (With this prayer): "Our Lord! Accept (this service) from us: For Thou art the All-Hearing, the All-knowing.— Quran, Chapter 2 (Al Bakarah) verse 127[23]

#kabah #masjidilharam #hajj2017 #rickykusmayadi #iphonesia
It was a very productive meeting this morning with Walikota Tangerang Pak @ariefwismansyah. Waste to Energy solution for Kota Tangerang. Thank you for your time pak ! Sukses selalu.
#Singapore Prime Minister, H.E. Lee Hsien Loong was trying to make a batik painting, assited by President H.E. @jokowi and Governor @ganjar_pranowo, Semarang 14 November 2016. #iphonesia #rickykusmayadi