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🏞📷🏞 Majestic McKinney Falls. Lower Falls, McKinney Falls State Park, Austin TX. Sunday Sept. 3rd 11:23AM CST. 🏞📷🏞
🌆🎆👑 Austin wears her Violet Crown. 🌆🎆👑 Town Lake, Austin TX. Sunday September 3rd, 6:34AM.
cc: @365thingsaustin
cc: @canonusa
Beware of dogs (& overprotective helicopter dad 🚁)! BOY February is going to be fun!
Summer swims at the springs. 🏊🌊🏊 Austin, TX. July 21st, 2017. 10:48AM CST. 🏊🌊🏊
cc: @365thingsaustin
cc: @ryan.s.potter
cc: @canonusa
🏙🚶🏙 Sunday stroll. Town Lake, Austin TX. Sunday 6/4/17, 6:47AMCST. 🏙🚶🏙
cc: @canonusa
cc: @365thingsaustin
Looking back at the weekend like... ⛷🗻🏂 Aspen Mountain, CO. Friday Feb 3rd, 11:17AM. ⛷🗻🏂
Above the clouds & into the mountains. 🏔⛷🏂 Somewhere in Colorado, Feb 1st, 2017. 1:23PM 🗻⛷🏂
🌆🌇🎆 Looking west from the @citysurfaustin parking lot. 🎆🌇🌆 South Lamar. Austin, TX. January 25th, 2017. 6:07PM
🌆🌃🌇 Zilker woke up this morning. Zilker Park. Austin, TX. January 10th, 2017. 7:17AM CST. 🌇🌃🌆
🏙🏞🌅 Long walks on the lake. Townlake. Austin, TX. November 17th 5:56PM CST 🏙🏞🌅
🌆🌇🏙 A closed Zilker is an empty Zilker. 🌆🌇🏙 Saturday, October 15th. 7:18AM. Austin, TX. #Canon #CanonUSA #MarkII #Austin #ATX
Summer's not dead. 🏙🌤🏙 Tuesday, September 27th. 4:26PM. Townlake, Austin TX. #Canon #CanonUSA #MarkII #Austin #ATX
🌉🌌🌉 Zilker was crazy beautiful this morning. 🌉🌌🌉 Zilker Park. Saturday, August 20th. 6:57AM. Austin, TX. #Canon #CanonUSA #Austin #AustinTX #ATX #Zilker #ZilkerPark