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every child, every day past & present // we wear the orange shirt because they told her she couldn't //
waiting for the real one to come in // thanks for the promotion, Dan
when showing up means speaking up, consider this my rsvp // vancouver counter protest against racism 4000 strong
#sharelove // exhilarating, empowering & exhausting day celebrating authentic love in Vancouver
@hungerfree :: get caffeinated for a cause! matchstick coffee, justpotters mugs, handcrafted kenyan coffee sleeves and a magazine that has my words in it. makes a great gift for someone you like, or yourself, because if I've learned anything from tv: it's to #treatyoself //
#rideforpromise // there's only one reason I would wake up at 4:25 am, and that's to watch someone chase their dream of a better tomorrow. Curtis is doing the deed: riding from Vancouver to Halifax to raise awareness for kids living in government housing, peddling for better. Spending time in Kendrick Lamar sunrise prayer is only the beginning, & I'm humbled to be a small part of the journey. Interested in supporting? #rideforpromise for details on the trip and links to donate 🚵🏻🥇🙌