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  Posted: Dec 30, 2011 12:51 PM FEED
8 X-Pro II
@sonsofthehounds This would have been when I first met you - I was with @markbrewster that night.

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Three times @enizfazliov said “that’s kind of a sketchy place to sit” and just as he took that fourth run up, I thought “He’s right. I could be shooting this same angle but much further away”. Total brain fart.
@jinjahsnaps from @_blips_ “Duppy” lines.
Where did the sunshine go?
Posted: Oct 9, 2017 12:36 PM
4 Normal
Hitting the streets with Plankton AKA Bean AKA Tiny AKA Clementine on Saturday. 📷 @brendanryall
(Belated) Happy Birthday, bossman. I’m still stoked on this old #vx1000 clip. @runeglifberg 🍰
I might just have caught the tail end @saggerdaniels Birthday. Hope it was a fucking blast! ❤️
Happy Birthday @cali4niahotboy - here’s some old clips we shot on @thrashermag England Vacation trip a wee while back.
@benraemers raw clips from probably the first HD skate clip I shot. I hated this rig. Shit fisheye & cheap kit lenses...but Benny put down hard. The spot is so rugged to skate.
Little video mix from our Euro crew chopping it up with all continents last weekend at the @volcom Garden in Austin, TX. #thisfirst
FYI They fixed the wacky wavy inflatable arm flailing tube man. Stand tall you red beauty, you! 📷 @ghettobeer #mememe
@snakeeyesdie a while back - just chucking three of these out, switch - until it felt right. #vx1000
The planet just lost a true gentleman, a fine chef and one of the best characters out there. It was always a pleasure spending time with him when paths crossed over the past couple of decades. Thoughts go out to his friends, family and skateboarders everywhere. X
@greyskycinema released ROLLING: WITHOUT FOOTAGE IT'S FICTION and it's available via Vimeo On Demand. Go check it out! Good work @rohumpourtahmasbi