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Favorite Mexican food 💓

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I’ve been so busy trying to get stuff wrapped up here at home before we fly out to meet @maxbemis in Philly for the next week that I’ve taken basically no pictures. Hope everyone’s having a happy Tuesday so far!💕
I’ve eaten entirely too much Halloween candy this month already. Hey...’tis the season amiright? What’s your fave candy? Mine is all of it.
Grilled Sunday hamburgers and cousin hangs 💕😍
Should be sleeping but with Max in Philly this month, our sleeping schedules have gone from bad to worse 😂 I think the girls fell asleep around 3am? They’ll sleep ‘til after 1pm. Someday this vampire family will regulate our weird sleep patterns...but not likely with no. #3 on the way 😂🙈
Cannot deal. 😂💔 (@mintkarla sent this jacket and Coraline wouldn’t take it off all day until she’d spilled something on it and I had to wash it).
Gotta keep up with my #bemisbump3 pics. Lucy informs me daily, “It’s gettin’ bigger!”.
Hey, since we don’t own a working scale, it’s like having a walking-talking one 😂 I’ve been working on art commissions as much as possible but with @maxbemis in Philly all month and just me with the girls, you get about a 10 minute sit-down period before one of them is in absolute DIRE need of help doing something incredibly important 😂 They’re lucky they’re so cute and charming. You’re cute and charming too. Thanks for reading! 💕 #13weekspregnant #hellosecondtrimester
Halloween candy-drunk. 🍭🍬🎃
Insisted on this wig, which was, of COURSE,
a cursed mass of tangled BS after two hours.
Coraline dropped her sucker on the way out of the store and it shattered. As soon as Coraline started crying, Lu pipes up “You can have mine! Coraline, don’t be sad”. 🙄💔
Wishing I had more of that pumpkin flavored @mymenchies I snuck into Coraline’s cup earlier, right now. 😩
We typically leave @stanleysfamous covered in BBQ sauce and wearing no shoes. That place does things to you. #bestBBQonearth
Drawing all day interspersed with feeding daughters or playing with Barbie’s. Finally remembered to book my first Midwife appointment for this week. So...winning.
If y’all aren’t following or participating in @mabgraves #mabsdrawlloweenclub this month, it’s not too late to start! I love following this every year. I mean, this little alien cutie inspired by a killer Lucy pose is slaying me! 😂🙌🏻 If I wasn’t buried (very happily) in commissions I would be ALL over this art challenge. So much talent out there😱😍. Check that hashtag as join in!! 🕸🕷
Was craving some seriously queso-covered Mexican food tonight so we went out with Nana and Popop and fulfilled my pregnancy dinner dreams. And of course...there’s free soft serve. 🍦🍦🍦
Living cabbage patch doll😍
Spends all day singing...And “growing her hair out”...”The bangs too. So I can put them to the side”.