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Caramel apple sweet tamales on a glorious #texastuesday !

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Hi beloveds! I've been MIA for I've had another IG account, I am working on selling vintage clothing & accessories, & I've also been working a corporate job...for the first time in my life! So, because I try to juggle home, kids, school, & work, & my hobby business ....I will no longer post pics on this feed :( I miss the friendships I've shared with y'all & the family vibe that I got from a lot of y'all. My new "address" is @vintagegossip. (which I work on keeping up, but not in the same capacity). Y'all will all forever rock😘😘😘
Kick it Kodi!! Love, Kodi ;D yes, her name is Kodi too!! & she's 7 & loves pink too !! hearts honey!!! #kickitkodi
Bday present from the best boss in the WORLD!
#janphotoaday DAY6: {makes me smile} This one was so easy, all y'all make me smile! Yall's pictures, captions, comments, IG fam makes me smile!!
#janphotoaday DAY5: {something I wore} Well...I wore this yesterday
#janphotoaday DAY4: {letterbox} @ Wisteria Emporium (antique shop) :)
#janphotoaday DAY3: {something I adore} I adore my children's love & passion for the arts. I adore that they have their own opinions of "cool". They enjoy the Beatles, documentaries, Bach, & recycling. I adore that they are concerned w/what other kids think or are doing. These are their handcrafted, upcycled plushies ^_^ #handmade #ooak #upcycled #repurposed
#janphotoaday DAY2: breakfast. Tis coffee this morning....yes I'm hungover o_O
Cleaning out all my old wallets & purse...really need to try and stick to @ least ONE wallet...& who do I find?! @holdtruetattoo
Caramel apple sweet tamales on a glorious #texastuesday !
This was written in pen ink @ the bottom of an Xmas gift bag...secret message?! Cool if some one could translate!! ;D
Merry pissmas (ok so sorry, no offense!) just an urgent to go snowman. Mine & my boss' light display @ work