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timloerke 227w ago
I had company in the tent since @todaysletters was home in the biscuit. River did well! #LotsOfSnuzzles

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One of my favorite memories from last year #nulufest2016 One week from today,
we’ll hopefully be there again!
@climbnulu allows kids to climb for free. What a great experience for the bold and brave! She surprised me at how well she moved...I had to keep up 😳 #startthemyoung #climbingforkids #papadaughtertime #bravegirl #braveloerke
Keeping chickens have grown more into a hobby than I realized. It gives me life and we literally receive life from the chickens. I may have a problem that I can't kick though...I can't stop adding on to the coop!! Aggghhh! #backyardchickens #coopdeville
My little Turkey-Loerke #braveloerke #camphiho #farmlife Thank you Blaine and Carson for sharing your dreams with friend!
The night of rehearsal Brave found a garden full of strawberries and took it upon herself to hand out fresh appetizers to friends, family, and fellow patrons of the restaurant. It was a proud moment for this papa to see his daughter be a host and not a guest #habitudes The ceremony was a dream #tetonwedding #dooleybeloved @tydly @the_wild_trout #braveloerke wanted to fit in with her counterpart (August, ring bearer who wore a cowboy hat) and converted her basket into a hat, or was it a helmet? 😂😂😂 The next day we rested in the one of only ways we know how #flyfishing We fished Flat Creek and Fox Creek. We saw a few risers but didn't catch's not about the fish anyways. Brave and #rowanable had a blast playing in the tall grass and marshy areas. Brave found a new style with the double buff look, courtesy of her fly fishing apparel advisor @emloerke Brave never naps and hardly ever falls asleep when it's daylight. Well, she played really hard this day and crashed mid-sentence. It was an incredible trip and lasting memories were made. We ❤️ Wyoming! And we love our Dooleys!
The past week was magical. We were in Wilson, WY for the wedding our dear friends @the_wild_trout and @tydly Brave was the flower girl and @emloerke was a bride's maid. Ty took Brave and I out on the drift boat for some fly fishing. We caught a few white fish and cutthroat trout. The fishing was not my highlight but watching Brave experience her first time on the Snake River in a drift boat. She loved being in the water just as much as she did being in the boat. She made it through half of the float before she was fast asleep in my arms. The next day I went out with the guys for the bachelor party. It wasn't your typical bachelor party. We rented an old aluminum fishing boat and went all the way across Fremont Lake...fished and explored an area of the Wind River Range that vaguely resembled Jurassic Park. We camped at Soda Lake and woke up to a few brown trout taunting us as we gave them everything we had. I think I heard one of them say, "Girls rule and boys drool!" The bachelorette party was the day before and they caught some nice fish. Way to go girls!
I made a swing for the chickens but they were more interested in eating kale from the garden. Brave on the other hand has found yet another reason to come check for eggs 😜
I recently bought 6 pullets (female chickens between the age of chick and hen). All was well in the girls only club until I heard a cock-a-doodle-doo (think of an adolescent who just reached puberty). Thankfully @freshstartgrows came through with the exchange for a new pullet. I've been #chickenman for the last 4 years and have learned so much (trial and error mostly). I am taking a more sociable approach for this batch of birds by holding them a lot more...hence my reason for driving with a chicken on my lap...not safe...I know...I won't make it a habit #backyardchickens #urbanfarming #urbanlivestock #speckledsussex #pulletvscockerel
I can't wait for the new @orvis catalog to arrive in our mailbox! I'm a proud papa and husband to see my girls doing the things they love! See also the link in profile for the beautiful article that @catiewebster wrote about our family. My heart is filled with joy because of the Loerke girls!
"What's a girl's best friend?" Oh brother. Papa has his work cut out for him #saveupforthatweddin #braveloerke
When they pick out their own clothes and dress themselves, time does not stand still. And that is why we have pictures #braveloerke 😍😍😍 #shehadmeathello
It's funny how some things never change from our childhood. I guess that's why they say it's timeless #braveloerke #rollerskatingnostalgia #chuckecheeseforever #datedaywithpapa #thatface
She likes to hide so I can find her when I come home from work. She likes to sing songs with me and doesn't forget the words. She has a tender heart that melts away the stresses of the day #truecolors #cindilauper #2yroldcutie #braveloerke
It's hard to believe that this little one will turn 3 next month #braveloerke #parenthood #dadlife
For those who liked the orange video, this one has initially intended 😊 #instaproblems
And the Grammy goes to #BraveLoerke This was the 5th time through #5littlemonkeys fully equipped with a grand finale, dramatic decrescendo/crescendo, and even some falsetto. Girl, you got skills! #2yroldmusicalphenom #bravetv #papatime
Not only am I impressed by her ability to peel an orange....but to do it with her eyes closed? I mean, seriously? Brave the great, everybody!
That time when your friend took you out on his drift boat and taught you how to row. Thank you again @rightanglers #cumberlandriver #flyfishingfromadriftboat #clackacraft #orvis #flyfishing