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forman 1w ago
Going through some videos and pictures. This was a nice trip in Hawaii.
forman 2w ago
Guess he will need to get a new hobby 😜
forman 4w ago
Just picked up North Adams @jessicahessart Jessica Hess @hashimotocontemporary Admiring it with Delelict I in the back ground. 2 great pieces of work. Gotta find a place to hang it up now.
forman 4w ago
Pretty wild looking mocha from the wife's Jura espresso machine.
Torani dark chocolate, Peet's coffee and almond milk.
forman 8w ago
Found in garage today. These are from the 1980's. KOME radio
forman 9w ago
This is one of my favorite characters that Arturo paints😃 Spotted on the side of the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma.
forman 11w ago
Is it just me or would you have looked for a C and a K too😜
forman 11w ago
This one is in our hallway. Pretty cool piece I scored from Zach early in #freeartfridaysr #socialMedia #experiment
forman 12w ago
Wondering when the green stuff will be out? Too bad Charlton Heston was not here for this👻
forman 13w ago
In the mood for avocado toast but only had bagels 😃 nice to have won this amazing toaster in the #predictdelicious contest back in 2015 #wolfgourmet