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Sorry I've been gone all day. I've been taking pictures in the woods and haven't had wifi. So here's a sunset. :3 #sunset #sky #tree #sillouhette #sillouhettes #trees #island #lakeerie #kellysisland #yup #ignation

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Felt pretty today so here's a selfie. Also, I need to learn how to do eye makeup lol.
Four years today with my best friend. I love you more and more everyday. <3
Favorite song by one of my all time favorite bands <3
Last project for my photography class. Had to create an image using eight images I've taken, that represents an idiom. Mine was "Til the cows come home." So, to represent the idea of a long length of time that has passed, I created a post apocalyptic scene. Idk. Long story short, I thought it was cool.
He wants to be friends with her sooooo bad.
When you have five rolls of film due by Thursday and so far only THREE pictures have developed right. I could cry. At least they look cool.
Had a good night with some good people. I'm happy.
At long last, it's finally that time of year in which the weather is cold enough to wear peacoats. (Well, at least in the mornings.)
He's sweet when he wants to be. But literally as I type this he's barking furiously because I won't let him attack my foot. *sigh* That was short-lived.
The baby almost isn't a baby any more.
Last night was beautiful and wonderful and hilarious all in one and I would not have wanted to spend it with anyone other than the two people that were there with me.
First tattoo and I am absolutely in love. It turned out so perfect. HUGE thanks to @sehra_77 at Tat-Nice. Sorry I passed out. x)
#tattoo #firsttattoo #misfits #fiendskull #misfitstattoo #roses #skeleton #themisfits #ink
This is a rather terrible photo compared to some of the ones I shot with my camera today, but frankly I want to live in the Ohio State Reformatory. Everything about it is so old and creepy and I'm simply in love with it.
On very rare occasion I almost look like a female
*insert deep and dramatic caption here*
She kept getting mad when I would stop petting her. She's so adorable omg
Best friend bonding on the boat yesterday. She just wasn't having it. x)