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Y'all the U.S. is a wreck rn but don't believe everything you see on the internet: Canada isn't just a sparkling oasis of natural beauty (with excellent healthcare). Oh, jk! It totally is! All aboard the Trudeau Train 🚂 (cc @mah332 @dismilner @eliannefriend)! #MarksMountaineers #OutbackBirding (ps follow my new birding account for more Avian Adventures--link in bio) 🐦
Dear Mom & Dad, Camp's great! We climbed a mountain and didn't die. The lake's a bit cold to swim but we figured it out. ✌🏽🚣🏽🏔🌲🦌
🍹Where 💃🏻have 🇨🇺Cuban 🏇🏻all 🏞my l-i-i-i-i-i-i-fe? 🍍
🏁Never been an athlete but today I had a coach (and teammate*), cheerleaders, and peeps in the stands 🙏🏼 #airbnbbkhalf *and therapist, personal chef, tutor...@jmarks86
@emily.arowe @hjo806
Spring '17 vibes, Pantone '16 skies ☁️
In meetings with business associates all week at a conference. 🙄#tgif #saltbae #HBOCollege #LivTylersdad #theleftovers #sweetemotion 🕋🖤🎼🎹🎧🎤🕳💣🎱
Long weekend, spring weather: cue the tropics! 🎬🔦🎛🌴
Blue skies and a breeze on @jmarks86's golden birthday: how fore-tunate ⛳️
Hope this weekend's gratitude never...leaves 🙄🍁🍂🍁🍂
Did you hear? After Thanksgiving, those Mermel* women went straight to the barre