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YALL ALREADY KNOW WHAT FUCKIN DAY IT IS. 10/17 ⚡️🍦 if y’all know anything about me you know that i. am. gucci. mane. sike but foreal i’ve been a gucci fan since day one it’s always been 10/17 bricksquad with me & now today my wopsters are getting married 😭 ON 10/17/17 😭 it’s not even my damn wedding & it’s completing my life. CONGRATS GUCCI MANE & KEYSHIA IT’S Y’ALLS DAY!!! 😘 @laflare1017 @keyshiakaoir #mrandmrsdavis #thewopsters #themaneevent
you should know i’m a very good bad example
i read this the other day & couldn’t stop thinking about it 🌸✨ so i’m reposting it
Shop with the link in my bio ✨ I've been buying my makeup and accessories through It's a site that my friend launched, Waatcher saves me a TON of money when I shop on amazon. The site places an order on products you want when the price drops.
snapchat pics really been doin good lately lol
🌹💕 /what’s yalls fav thing on netflix rn? mines trailer park boys 😂
i don’t really consider something a “throwback” unless it’s actually old .. a few weeks ago in maryland 😄
what time is it where y’all are rn