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Met Ball prep.

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I love this book for SEVERAL reasons! 1.) Molly has always been one of the kindest, most genuine people in this biz- she was especially wonderful to me in my early years, and I've always been grateful. 2.) Her taste is the I've discovered artists, brands and countless mom tips bc of her. 3.) She's the real deal. And she so generously put all of her secrets into a book so annoying people like me could stop begging her for them. Everyday Chic OUT NOW. Run, don't walk.
Can someone please help me turn this breech baby. I hear this works.
I honestly thought this was an article from The Onion.
One of my favorite @yourfinery emails because who the F has time to remember return windows? #leggings4lyfe
So I'm just going to lay it out there...getting pregnant can be rough. All women can relate to the challenge of trying to navigate two crazy schedules, track your fertile window, figure out what "fertile window" even means... the list goes on. When I decided to go for baby #2 I wanted to take some control of the process. A friend recommended the Clearblue Ovulation test- well, it worked for me and I've since passed it onto others who have had similar success. Am I partnering with Clearblue? Yes. BUT is this a product I found organically, months ago, that actually worked for me? Absolutely. That's why I'm excited to help introduce their latest innovation, the Clearblue Connected Ovulation Test System. It provides accurate ovulation results, now combined with the convenient technology of an app to help women better understand their fertility. Happy trying! #clearblueconnected #clearbluepartner
I don't even know where the leg ends and the foot begins anymore.
In a sea of terrible news, it's always nice when something good comes along. Loving this new initiative by @bumblebizz led by @sarafoster + @erinfoster aimed at connecting female entrepreneurs! Because let's be honest... women need ALL the help they can get in the startup world. As Erin said so perfectly "Support women who aspire to be the boss, not the wife of one." Kudos, ladies!
This took so many hours. Several, several hours. Photo taken @ approx 1am.
Thanks to @createcultivate for having team @yourfinery as keynote speakers.. And for letting us raid your bar. Hundreds of women coming together to change the world and booze... it's where the magic happens.
Want to make all the other parents look bad at the bake sale? I know I do! (kidding, sort of) I partnered with @Splenda to bring you the best bake sale hacks- and a yummy chewy, raspberry bar of heavenly goodness. Full recipe link in bio#sponsored #SweetSwaps
Cool cool. So the world is coming to an end. 🥂
Are you a @yourfinery user? Donate your gently worn pieces, right from your Finery closet, directly to @dressforsuccess in Houston and Corpus. Let take something off the plate of these women, let's help them get back to work.
Very proud of this effort by the @yourfinery team. Like everyone else, we wanted to help the victims of Harvey but didn't know what we could do as a company. We realized we had the tools right in front of us. You can now go into your account and with one click, donate items in your wardrobe to the women in affected areas. We partnered with @dressforsuccess who will administer your piece(s) to women who have lost their clothing but want (and need) to get back to work. Thank you to @dressforsuccess , and to our incredible team of developers for putting this together in about 36 hours. We know it won't fix their pain, but we hope if will take away a little bit of the burden. Spread the word, friends.
I really don't know how much clearer I can get...
The moment your child grabs your neck skin and laughs "gobble gobble!" Thank you, @krissyae for capturing this on camera??
Another ATX company stepping up. @yeti is donating 100%, yup 100%, of sales TODAY from all flagship stores and all online sales to Harvey relief efforts. Go treat yo'self. Thanks @scottywalkwitz for the heads up! Way to go, Austin!
#tbt to that time I got to lay my head in @camerondiaz 's bosom.
So we did what any sane person would do, and we ran outside to take a selfie with the bear! Because millennials.