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The face when he knows he's about to get the rice and beans on your plate...
The outer bands of Nate are starting. Just some rain and fast moving clouds for now. Wind is picking up though. 😶
George is confused as to why Hunter won't rub his belly.
Sister fell asleep... he went for the hair 🤣
Feels like fall today, but it'll be back in the 90s by Friday. Had to take advantage and put his football outfit on while it's chilly (60 lol) 🙃🏈🌧
Hanging out, just the two of us... 💙
Trying to wake his daddy this morning. He worked hard getting all the way over there to him. #almostcrawling #wereintrouble
Had some lamb kabob with fresh Tzatziki, Greek salad, and fresh hummus with pita last night. The boys had some hooka, then we went bowling. Hunter loved the hummus we let him try 😜
Front porch sitting, enjoying the morning. And yes, that's a silicone toe separator. 😂😂😂 He's teething.
Life will be far more boring without you here every day. On to bigger things... #calebgoesarmy
Uncle Caleb graduated! And he leaves for basic in 2 and a half weeks :( Hunter is gonna miss him so much.