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  Posted: Dec 21, 2011 8:48 PM FEED
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Sent this wild man back to Cambodia. Savon, it has been an adventure having you here in America. We send you back with stories of God's work in your life, blessings as a Son, and direction for the future. Cambodia is looking for you! #seeyouwhenyoueatnoodles #wildman #worldtraveller #nobadweather #marmotgiveaway
So ends the many years of being outsmarted by the fishes. I got so excited I forgot how to hold him for the picture!
Sent this wild family off on their America journey today blessing them with peace, favor, and rest. Haas fam you are already missed. #friendslikefamily #wildboys #cambofam #sokhmer
Some days you're in Korea and a bunch of Koreans want to take a picture with you. And Marc. And then the lock hands.
After 8 months in Cambodia I've returned to the states. Shout out to the team at HPC Siem Reap! This group of strong, dedicated, funny, loving people became my Khmer family. Knyome nuk bong p'own klang nas! #camfam #loplop #thisiscambodia #cambodia
Time away to reset and prepare for the final few months in Cambodia. #thailand
Posted: Aug 17, 2016 4:13 AM
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Blessed to be able to travel. To see so much of the world. #Cebu #Philippines