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dannykass 304w ago
People getting some @mammothmountain time for some #buffalostrips ummmmmm

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Finishing up all the grenade army sticker requests and can mail. Getting the new stickers in today so write in to grenade join the army again and get new things like art work stickers and swagg. #grenadegloves
The two things i love most in life right here @missjordynjones and my guitar guitar 🎶🎵♩♩🎶🎶🎵🎶♩♩♩🎶🎵🎵🎶♩♩🎶📬
Part two of episode one is up @free.parking. Check out the full episode on our links in me Bio. #staystrongsaturday
Part 2 of Episode 1 is live in the @free.parking bio! Stay tuned next week for part 3!
After 2 many years planning a few moons thinking. lots of help from friends.i am proud to Release Part one of @free.parking my documentary project on #YouTube

thanks for all the help. You know who you are.🙏 Please click the link on my updates bio above. 😙😚😘🌹💓🌹
@t.flan is back in the house and the roof is on fire. stay posted for all the new mammoth free parking content get dropped on the hopeful daily but that just all depends on or edit and dieting 😂😂😂😂😂😎😎😎😎video by @blake.kehoe
Nothing like putting out all the sticker requests for @grenadegloves before halloween with a little help from my friends @blottscum and @blake.kehoe #vivalagrenade
Sometimes I wish I could see in black and white
First stew of the @mammothmountain winter we are excited to report white stuff in the hills opening weekend!!! @free.parking just days away w see snow !!!! #snowboarderbunker
Sometimes we fall in love with a taste, the color of a bottle or even a memory a photo can bring back. I'm so excited to make a huge trip around the US visit loved ones and make new friends along the way but the feeling of getting closer to home is unbeatable. Stay sober America and wait for the weekend
After a little mishap in Mississippi I am headed back to Cali next stop Reno might need to drop a few duckets in the machines
Thank you @blake.kehoe "the Bernie sanders of snowboarding" for documenting what some wonder about my life after retiring from competition snowboarding @usopensnowboarding @xgames @olympics filming with the raddest productions on the side. @absinthefilms @standardfilms @brainfarm @nikesnowboard #soldiersofthefrozenbattlefield. I took a three year #radicalsabbatical and found myself but lost almost everything else. Some thought I'd forgot about snowboarding or how to do it. But in reality I spent way to much time day dreaming about my next carve slash, pow day, or boned out trick. After years of recovering from countless injuries I thought about writing and filming myself and a tight group giving back to snowboarding and the neediest people around our planet. I call it #shreddinering . If you'd like to learn more about @free.parking or @grenadegloves and what I have been up 2 or you'd like to see this in color go to @free.parking thanks to all my friends family followers and #Fans if it wasn't for your love support and letters I would not be #me #iamnotnewtothisiamtruetothis
One of my favorite things is driving into Utah from any direction. To many good memories to many good friends. @skullcandy I'm coming for them speakers!!!! Anybody know a good car stereo place ?!?!?!?!?!??
About to cross into Utah I always take a few extra moments for simple things. #Eatriderad