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I've lost the egg battle.

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the birthday man with a mouthful of awesome #buffalocreekbeef steak at #zynodoa happy birthday, jake! you rock!
apparently you can still be a diva at the dentist
so many asian pears, so little time
captain gets a shower after the first fox chase of the season
having mastered the whole meat chicken thing, we've upgraded to a bigger beast -- turkeys.
nothing to see here. just a young buck passing in front of the living room window.
the patient is home from the vet, looking very much like a #handmaidstale . she got stitches in her chest, thanks to a gash from an #evil #groundhog. the other time she got attacked was by a #pitviper in #afghanistan . she's a #fighter!
poor thing got attacked by a groundhog and has a gash in her chest. waiting for the vet. i envision a cone in her future. #solha