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Getting a second americano after spilling the first all over whole foods.

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First sleepover and first movie by herself (a scary one!) this past weekend. She keeps almost spoiling Happy Death Day for me. 💀
Bunch of Singles at 85-92% today. I can always tell how lifting will go by how it feels at 55#. @glkitt
Last one of 7 #strictringmuscleup to finish out the day. My right arm got more and more stuck after rep 4... time to get stronger😭😂 #crossfit @glkitt
Sweet plantain spice cafe con leche. Basic Cuban girl? And guava and cheeseeeee
Deficit clean pulls. What are these even? Either my knees are in the way or i can't get to the pocket. And I guess that's why I should do them.
Hypermobility=a long time and lots of work to finally get my low back to touch in the hollow position. But I'm really only posting this because @axel_rose_theschnauzers beard is in it.
Went for two srmu in a row today. Got stuck and fell into a painful skin the cat because my brain went stupid and didn't let go of the rings. Not sure if it's better or worse it's not on video because the gym got busy as soon as I started. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ #ouch #imdumb #hopeicanworkouttomorrow @glkitt
They wouldn't let me put the Oktoberfest burger on a salad🤷🏻‍♀️ so I ate it...after I filled out a strongly worded customer feedback form. #fuckthisnewmenu #itwasdeliciousbutthatsnotthepoint
Volume feels double when Team Series has you doing the same movement over and over in a week. Here I am dead after hspu yesterday and c2b earlier today. Then I couldn't get a double at 145 or front squat more than 155. 😳😜 one more day of this weird programming. (My strict ring muscle up was not even on my mind by the end of today's training.)
All the grip today. Plus snatches/rope climbs/deadlifts/124 kettle bell swings 🙌🏻
I was worried about my daily strict after not being able to do another push press. And it definitely felt harder. But I got one. @glkitt
When coach @glkitt says my goal for a 7rm bear complex is 115# and it feels light, but you're bad at bringing barbells to your back. So you're like form work at 95# sounds good--but you miscount and do 6. So then you keep trying to do it, but now your shoulders are tired. Upper body muscular endurance =👎🏻
Trying to do one a day. Not feeling strong today. (Couldn't snatch or back squat to save my life) but it got up there. @glkitt